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Venezuela, a Country in Despair

A long line of shoppers waited in front of the central Madeirense super market in Guarenas, Venezuela. In a report by Aserne, the shoppers had been there since sunrise anticipating the arrival of a truck containing poultry. One shopper complained that she had not been able to buy chicken in more than a month. Once there, the failure of the driver to unload the poultry before leaving became the catalyst that created widespread anger and violence.
Venezuelans have been living with a shortage of food and essential items for nearly three years. Venezuela is rich in oil, but due to the drop in oil prices; It’s management of available resources appear to have grown out of control. The storage of necessary items such as food, electricity and water has enraged and deepen the feeling of despair that many of the people of Venezuela experience each day.

There have been many protests in Venezuela says expert Manuel Gonzalez, seeking to shorten the time that Nicolas Maduro has left as President. Many Venezuelan feel that the economic crisis that exists there is because of his inefficient management of the country.