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Ashley Lightspeed is One Of The Most Important VCs in America Right Now

Ashley Lightspeed wanted to follow in her fathers footsteps as an architect when she was growing up. After high school, she studied at duke and studied abroad in Copenhagen. All the while, sketching and drafting building designs. After college, Ashley began a consulting career with Bain. There, she constantly felt the desire to do more, to involve herself in the evolving digital world of places like Silicon Valley. After leaving Bain, she joined Thumbtack, a company that matches people with local professionals such as plumbers, carpenters, painters etc. Here, she began to realize her vision of marketing and entrepreneurship, which was “prototyping” as an invaluable tool to growth, just as she would prototype building models and sketches in her youth. Her title was a category manager, which was responsible for growth and customer experience in the “Weddings & Events” category within Thumbtack’s site. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed view her Crunchbase profile

Ashley Lightspeed had her first brush with venture capital during a fundraising event with Thumbtack. It was the ability to somewhat see into the future that got her excited about venture capital. She soon after left Thumbtack and flirted with starting her own company while studying at Stanford GSB and running several small startup businesses and it was here she began her career with Lightspeed. Here, she’s concentrated her interest for venture capital by helping companies strategize growth based on future market trends. Ashley gets her passion from helping people innovate, prepare and move forward in their particular field. Much in the way architects create blueprints for future buildings, Ashley Lightspeed creates blueprints for businesses and entrepreneurs and their futures. Ashley is a woman who finds her rhythm while being involved in multiple projects at once. It helps her to see the different trends in different areas. Her goal is to help businesses become better and their leaders live healthier, more inspired lives.

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