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Scott Gelb; The Gaming Titan

Scott Gelb, a Washington University graduate having a passion for games who himself says that “I just had to find my place in the industry and then it was all-natural”, is one of the reputed personalities in the gaming industry. Learn more about Scott Gelb at

He is the Chief Operating Officer of the Riot Games there was no second opinion of a more dynamic and experienced person than Scott Gelb for this position. He is one of the strong pillars of the leadership of Riot games working on innovations and turning thoughts to reality by forming staggering graphics and launching addictive games. Read more about Scott Gelb at

Scott Gelb’s leadership has enabled the company to achieve short term goals by proper planning. One of the qualities Scott Gelb possesses is his openness to ideas, which is very important for someone acting as chief operating officer. His main focus is the online multiplayer gaming and he is maintaining an impressive record in the field. Due to the globalization and the internet, the gaming perspective is heavily changed and to lead the company in such situations are qualities which are associated with a leader of high quality, which no doubt Scott Gelb has proven in the recent times.