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The prison system serves the role of housing and rehabilitation of criminals before they are released back to the society. Insufficient correctional officers and overcrowding in the prisons have made it hard for the jail system to perform its critical role in the society. Due to this, crime among prisoners is on the rise, and this hugely undermines the purpose of the prison system. Securus Technologies is a company that uses modern technology to provide digital solutions to the various challenges facing the prison systems.


Secures technologies first started a communication company. It was instrumental in facilitating communications between prisoners and their families on the outside. From its inception, prison systems in the United States of America were barely functioning. Securus Company, therefore, had to start offering solutions to the challenges facing prisons. With continuous advancements in technology, digitized applications set to perform precise tasks seemed to be the great solution to these problems.


Securus Technologies and Jpay markets


First and foremost, Securus Technologies acquired JPay markets company. Jpay markets was a company that was first in introducing modern technology in the prison system. Electronic payments, emails, and education- related applications had transformed the prison systems and made operations in the correctional space smooth. Through this acquisition, Securus technologies developed digitized platforms such as jail management systems, wireless containment solutions, parolee monitoring and inmate healthcare monitoring systems.


The introduction of modern technology to the prison systems


The incorporation of advanced technology in the jail system has proved to be of great help. Crime among prisoners has greatly reduced. Furthermore, correctional officers can work efficiently. The inmate health care monitoring software has enabled prisoners to get medical attention as soon as they are needed. Education in prison has also been possible through this.


Efficiency in the prison system is necessary. The smooth operation of the prison system makes it possible for them to perform its vital role in the society. Also, the living standard of prisoners in the United States of America has been significantly improved.


Securus Technologies Communications Blocking Technology has Potential to Keep Public Safe

Recently, a 3.5 minute Facebook Live video allegedly showed an inmate at the Evans Correctional Institution brandishing a knife. The alleged depiction of Jose Ariel Rivera, who is currently serving a 10-year burglary sentence, would not be the first time the inmate was caught with a contraband cell phone.


Criminal Justice technology solutions company Securus Technologies has come up with ways to prevent contraband cell phone use, like the one depicted on the live stream video. Its Wireless Containment Solutions (WCS) technology has detected and blocked as many as 1.7 million illegal communication attempts in the eight U.S facilities where it has been implemented.


WCS technology prevents contraband cell phones from connecting to commercial wireless networks to make outbound phone or video calls. The FCC has recently reduced regulations to make it easier for correctional facilities to utilize those types of networks, by reducing the amount of paperwork involved. To date, Securus has invested over 40 million dollars in the technology, which is the most advanced wireless blocking technology available to prisons.


In this case it was just a video. However, there have been past incidents where contraband cell phone use coordinated attacks by inmates on prison guards, or gang violence outside of prison. Captain Robert Johnson, a former South Carolina corrections officer, had been a victim of such an attack. After seeing Securus’ WCS system, he said it’s the most effective way of keeping the public safe.


Securus Technologies has over thirty years of experience in the correctional facilities technology industry. It has contracts with over 2,600 facilities across the United States and provides a range of services from handling phone calls between prisoners and their families on the outside to security services like the WCS. It is one of the U.S’s largest providers of prisoner communications, tracking parolees, and government information.


Securus Technologies – One Of The Finalists In Prestigious Stevie Awards

Securus Technologies is a technology company that offers its services to a particular niche. The company offers its services to the civil and criminal justice agencies in the country. In a Press Release published recently, the company announced that it had won the Gold Stevie Award in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department. The Stevie Award is among the most prestigious awards given for exceptional service to its clients. It was the 11th Annual Steve Awards held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 24th2017. The Business awards function was attended by more than 650 executives living and working in different parts of the world. The award placement for the Gold, Silver and Bronze position came after serious deliberation from 75 member committee.


Danny de Hoyos, the Senior Vice President of Operations of Securus Technologies during the acceptance speech said that they were happy to be recognized for their efforts that they have put into customer service. He added that their training research team found that it was empathy towards customers needs and solving their problems on the very first call would help the company in improving their customer’s experience. They incorporated this into their methods and processes, and it worked wonder for them. He further stressed that awards like Stevie would help companies in building their corporate reputation. Securus Technologies was one of the 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries. Since its launch, Stevie Awards have been awarding companies that are providing exceptional service to their customers consistently.


Securus Technologies operates from Dallas in Texas and offers service to about many public safety and corrections agencies. Some of the top services that the company offers are public information, communication, IT management, inmate self-service and monitoring services as well to help maintain safety and improve relationships between prisoners and their family members.