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Online Dating: A Development in The Dating World

Online dating is the process of looking for a romantic or sexual partner online, usually on a dedicated website. Skout is one of these dedicated websites that gives people an opportunity to meet people online for the purpose of dating and social interaction. They have been around since 2007 and are known as the world’s largest app for meeting new people.

The employees of the Skout dating app are dedicated believers in sustaining the “magic” of spontaneous meetings and they make possible a wide range of social connections from finding new friends to networking. By using their mobile phone as a guide, people can find new friends at the local neighborhood bar, at a concert at Madison Square Garden, or on a bus tour in Barcelona. Their community extends to over one-hundred continents, one-hundred and eighty countries, and is available in fourteen languages so people can meet people close to them or many countries away from them. They also pride themselves on connecting people through a platform that is fun, pleasant, and safe. Their community is a success due to the fact that they focus on positive experiences and will never permit any type of bad behavior. They have two separate and distinct groups for adults and teenagers, and that makes it very simple to make new friends thanks to their features like chatting, exchanging photos or notes, and sending virtual gifts. It is totally up to a person if they wish to contact a person on their own or if they choose to respond to a person that has tried to make contact with them. A person decides if, when, and how they want to connect. With sites like Skout, online dating is more and more developing into a big part of the dating world.

Online dating has become a big presence in the dating world. Not only does the profits that online dating sites increase every year, they are typically pretty good at matchmaking. One study said that in the year 2008, online dating sites were a big part of connecting 120,000 couples that got married that year. It is no wonder that the internet has had such an effect on dating considering how it has changed how we watch television, get the news, read books, and of course, purchase items. In 2007, online dating sites got over one billion dollars in profit. Online dating gets more revenue and members than online pornography sites, and, after digital music sites, video games like MMORPGs, online dating sites are the third most popular type of paid websites on the internet. Two other examples of these sites are EHarmony and Match.

EHarmony is one of the trendsetters among online dating sites. They have over twenty million members and they pay fifty dollars a month for their memberships. Therefore, it is easy to see that their profits are good. The fee for is not as high as EHarmony’s fees. Their fees are about thirty dollars. This could be one of the reasons that they claim that they have over ten million more members than EHarmony. This site has also proven that online dating is a successful business.

The demographics regarding online dating sites are interesting. In March of this year (2015), of the over fifty-four million single people in the United States, over forty-nine million of them have tried online dating. Also, in actually, Match has almost eight more more members than EHarmony. Most dating site website members spend $243 a year, the average length of an online relationship is eighteen and a half months, and over fifty percent of online dating site users are male and almost forty eight percent of them are women.