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The World’s Outstanding You Tubers

The world’s ever changing trends are always giving rise to new heroes and icons. The digital era is not any different either. It has given rise to its crop of stars and celebrities. The internet is perhaps the greatest frontier of the digital world. With the many different functions of the internet available, many people have created self-employment from these functions. For some, they were out to make money while for others, it was for fun and fortunately, the world was kind to them.
YouTube is one of the many ways people are making money. By opening a YouTube channel and attracting followers, individuals can direct traffic to a particular cause of choice, which could be either for business or charity. Some of the world’s most prolific You Tubers include Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. The 26-year-old Felix goes by the online alias PewDiePie. His YouTube channel has attracted over 6.65 billion total views with 32 million total subscribers. Felix is a video game commentator who has cut a niche in the field. His videos show him playing video games, with a box at the top of the screen showing his reactions to the game’s progress. His YouTube success is attributed to the special attention he pays to his fans.
The majority of the big shots in the top list of You Tubers are in the video game field. However, there are a bunch of You Tubers who have made it to the top following a different path.
Wendy Huang is a beauty blogger who is famous for the Wonderful World of Wengie. The Wonderful World of Wengie on YouTube is the fifth most followed beauty channel in Australia. Wendy’s channel has attracted over 29 million views, and currently enjoys a following of over 615,000 subscribers. Through the channel, Huang shares her knowledge of beauty and fashion. She intimates that her knowledge of beauty and fashion is gathered from various sources, mainly online, since when growing up her mother was not into either.
The Wonderful World of Wengie is not the only channel Huang has managed. Before venturing into it, she was working for a digital marketing agency. In the course of her work, she started and managed various blogs and Facebook pages as well as YouTube channels for various clients. She followed her own advice of managing these resources for her business, leading to the success of the Wonderful World of Wengie.