British Heavy Metal Influences The Early Career Of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi has found success in almost every area of the heavy metal music industry and now finds himself at the top of the financial industry as one of the best-known financial experts in the nation. In 1985, Cassio Audi seemed to be headed along a very different career path to his current financial work when he joined the heavy metal band, Viper as the first drummer in a band who remain one of the top heavy metal groups in the nation of Brazil and across the planet.

The major influence on the formative version of Viper was the many different British heavy metal groups passing through Brazil in the early 1980s allowing the members of Viper to form their first successful musical influences. Among the bands Viper have been known to cite as influences are the British band, Iron Maiden, who have been in existence in various guises for more than four decades; many fans and critics remarked upon the influence of Iron Maiden on the early incarnation of Viper as heard on their early home recordings which became known as “The Killera Sword”.

30 years after the release of the band’s first studio album, “Soldiers of Sunrise”, Cassio Audi remains revered in the heavy metal genre for the success he achieved as the man responsible for being the basis of the sound of the band. Audi remained an important member of the band and was celebrated during recent anniversary tour designed to celebrate the release of Viper’s first album and their assault on international fame. Cassio Audi made the decision to leave Viper in 1989 as the band prepared to release their second studio album, “Theatre of Fate” which would see the band rise to international acclaim for their mix of classical and heavy metal inspired genres.

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End Citizens United Dedicated To Ending Its Namesake

End Citizens United is a political action committee that is committed to ending what some observers see as one of the worst rulings ever made by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Citizens United decision has done what many critics feared, by giving wealthy donors the opportunity to seriously manipulate the American political process.

Established in March 2015, End Citizens United also relies upon donors to promote its cause. However, these are largely grassroot donors whose average contribution is less than $15. The secret of its success comes from the tremendous number of donors supporting its cause. The organization today has more than 3 million members and has received about 2.5 million contributions totaling some $35 million. Also important to its success has been its dedicated staff of Democratic operatives and a board of directors on a mission to reverse the decision of the court.

End Citizens United hopes to attain its goal of ending unlimited political contributions by electing candidates dedicated to reforming the nation’s electoral system and by supporting ballot measures designed to encourage such changes. Additionally, End Citizens United is taking action to bring the issue to the center of attention throughout the American political arena, from the federal to the local level.

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The organization has joined the Democratic Party in its fight due to the simple fact that Republican leaders largely supported the action of the court and have blocked attempts at reversing the decision. Accordingly, End Citizens United has endorsed Democratic candidates in key races and has also come to the defense of other candidates who have themselves been targeted by special interest groups and conservative political action committees.

Officially known as Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, the 5-4 court decision was handed down in 2010. The court ruled that established restrictions on political donations by corporations, labor unions and other organizations violated the right to free speech, which is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The ruling established the principle that “corporations are people,” with the same rights as private citizens. The end result was a massive influx of donations from wealthy interests in support of certain candidates or political causes. The new funding mechanism would also hamper attempts to trace the source of the donations.

Barring further court action, the overturning of the Citizens United decision would require an amendment the U.S. Constitution. This could only be done by a vote of two-thirds of the members of both houses of the U.S. Congress and ratification by three-quarters of the American states. Despite the obvious obstacles, End Citizens United is continuing to pursue its goal of repeal, perhaps gaining hope from a new poll ranking special interest funding as second only to national security when it comes to public concern.

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The Accusations Against George Soros As A Conspirator Are False

Hungary is the birthplace of George Soros, and he attended the London School of Economics. His career in finance began with his position at a merchant bank, and he later established himself on Wall Street. He began his first hedge fund for $12 million in 1969, and made a large profit shorting the British pound. This caused him to be referred to as the man who broke the Bank of England. He developed Soros Fund Management, and hired Dawn Fitzpatrick in 2017 to manage his investment portfolio. George Soros supports liberal causes, and is one of President Trump’s fiercest critics.After Donald Trump assumed the presidency, protestors believed the liberal protest movements were being funded, and controlled by some of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Although there is no truth to the theory, George Soros has been targeted in the conspiracy theory. There is no doubt George Soros is a powerful, and wealthy man with a worth of $25 billion. This has placed him in the middle of conspiracy theories since the 1990’s. These theories target individuals on the right, and are made by the people on the left.

George Soros attracted major attention when he helped groups trying to block the reelection bid of George W. Bush in 2004. The combination of his political involvement, and his speeches against the war in Iraq started conspiracy theories still in existence, and he was accused of secretive plots. The theories become outrageous and include George Soros scheming with the elite of the world to destroy the global currency. Some accusations are true and include his support for refugees, migrants, and reform in the criminal justice system.The choice made by George Soros to use his wealth in the political arena is not any different from the billions donated to the Republicans by David, and Charles Koch. Many of the European countries who have governments leaning to the right are against George Soros, and he has been called the euro’s enemy.

Despite the accusations of secrecy, and schemes, he has not made a secret of his desire for social justice. He has spent $1.6 million developing democratic policies in Eastern Europe, and $1.5 million on democratic governance, criminal justice, and immigration reform. There have been numerous speculations this is due to his flight from Nazi persecution.The theories George Soros is responsible for the ills of the world is being generated by the right-wing commentators. He is simply viewed as a threat to those who disagree with his views. The description of him as an extremist, a man who wants to legalize drugs, open borders, and legalize euthanasia, and participate in secret plots is patently ridiculous. The problem is once he referred to President Trump as a would-be dictator, the chances of him having any friends on the right became a near impossibility.


Cassio Audi Busines Profile

Cassio Audi is one of the most accomplished individuals based in Brazil. For over three decades of experience as a financial professional, Cassio Audi has worked towards solving the problems facing his business clients in the financial industry. This means that his experience has kept on growing in a manner that depicts better business for an industry that strives to achieve independent capabilities. Cassio Audi has worked as a financial manager at major financial corporations in the world to drive and foster success through the thinnest lines of failure. He has more than one decade of experience working to solve the business problems major corporations face in the industry.

Cassio Audi’s more than 20 years of financial excellence experience has taught him how to progress startup companies to the level of multi-million corporations. For most parts of his experience in the financial world, Cassio Audi has developed many startup companies to the success level before they are acquired by high-end individuals and major corporations in and out of Brazil. Cassio Audi has private and public entities that strive to be associated with animated business solutions with unending success in the world of business. Cassio Audi has worked in major [private equity funds across Brazil and other parts of the world. His reputation goes beyond his success levels as a way of achieving independent business solutions.

Since he began working in this industry, Cassio Audi has gained numerous opportunities to secure leadership chances at major multi-billion dollar corporations in the world. Cassio Audi has also used his experience to lead private and public companies towards achieving their business goals at the end of the exercise. Perhaps this is the reason why his services are amassed on a massive scale in the industry. Cassio Audi has some of the strongest qualifications of changing and improving management in a company.

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A Richard Mishaan Design Transforms Spaces into a Work of Art

The unique creations of Richard Mishaan Design are phenomenal. Mishaan was born in Columbia and spent some of his growing up years in Italy. He was drawn to the vivid colors often seen in these cultures. Richard Mishaan trained to be an Architect. That background is often put to use in Richard Mishaan Design projects. He strives to create living spaces that feel open, and this designer likes high vaulted ceilings with wooden accents and open floor plans. His strategic use of eye-catching colors has branded Richard Mishaan Design the place to get a custom interior design make-over that makes a bold statement.

Richard Mishaan and his wife enjoy collecting fine artwork. The gorgeous pieces inside their own home are incredible. The art comes from many time eras, but the Richard Mishaan Design blends effortlessly with his cushy modern furniture that conveys sleek elegance reminiscent of classic design styles. The color accents in Richard Mishaan Design works are what makes this interior design firm one-of-a-kind. Rather than splashing these bold colors at random, Richard Mishaan Design strategically places the colors to optimize the luxurious, classy and expensive look that Mishaan is famous for creating. Everyone who is anyone wants a customized Richard Mishaan Design today.

Richard Mishaan makes use of gorgeous architectural lines and adds splashes of bright hues in unexpected places. The result, combined with the Richard Mishaan Design style of using fine modern furniture pieces, is absolutely stunning. This interior designer is an artist who creates fabulous interior spaces suited for royalty. The Richard Mishaan Design look is not cold, as this designer incorporates plush furnishings, striking art accents and inviting touches. His fantastic designs capture the high-end look with a down-home charm that exudes warm ambiance. He has authored two popular books on his captivating design style.

New Technology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Revolutionizing Oncology Care

Cancer patients know the they will be well taken care of at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. This amazing treatment center has just rolled out their novel customized Clinical Pathways Platform regarding oncology treatment. This new program is a comprehensive data service that allows physicians to research oncology treatment options. This massive informational aid is always within a few computer keystrokes, and doctors are loving the convenient, fast and thorough service. Any detail about new cancer treatments, oncology drugs and the latest cancer statistics can be obtained on this all-inclusive website aid. Even patients can set up a portal to view for themselves.

Even though this new treatment tool is highly technical and complex, Cancer Treatment Centers of America remain committed to providing compassionate care to all of their many patients. This is one reason why patients and their families seek treatment here. With five outstanding hospitals now in five major American cities, it is easier for these cancer patients to get the top-notch oncology care that they deserve. This center provides holistic style care that encompasses all of the patient’s needs. This includes nutritional education, mental therapy, emotional support along with the best cancer treatments available. The patient’s families are also supported and included in the treatment plans.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is again leading the world to new techniques in cancer care. The technological aspects of their cutting-edge Clinical Pathways Platform is improving the already stellar care that oncology patients receive at this fine health center. Oncology specialists can access details on the latest cancer drugs and clinical trials. This is revolutionizing CTCA’s approach to care by enabling staff to provide even faster and more informative treatment plan options. Cancer patients appreciate being able to research these options on their own. Contact CTCA for more compelling details.

Lacey and Larkin Have Stood Against Evil and Won

Evil is not a hard thing to fight. All it takes is a few good men who have a moral character and are willing to sacrifice to vanquish the evil that exists on our world. Unfortunately, we are living in a world that seems to promote racial inequality and degrade immigrants as if their second class people. The two people who stood up against this are known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

These two great Heroes would take a stand against the man who the media calls America’s toughest Sheriff. While other media outlets were portraying Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a saint who is simply using other methods to do the job, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin showed him for his true colors.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used their media channels, one which is called Phoenix New Times, and the other which is called Village Voice Media. It was by using these two tools that they were able to show the crimes that Sheriff Arpaio committed every single day.

One crime that he was guilty of was racially profiling and persecuting Latinos on a grand scale. Another crying that he was guilty of committing, was then imprisoning these Latinos into unsanitary jail cells. The cells were so unsanitary that several Latinos died because they were kept in those cells. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Another Injustice that Arpaio was guilty of was spending the County’s money on things that did not aid the police force. Michael and Jim Larkin new that reporting on Sheriff Arpaio is dangerous. This is because Sheriff Arpaio has a history of using his power to destroy his opponents. But we are about to see, that the last laugh would be on him.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio would obtain an illegal warrant for Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin arrest. He would then disguise the SUVs of his SWAT team so that nobody would know who they were or what they were doing. He would then illegally go inside the homes of these two gentlemen and remove them from the safety of their own beds. Arpaio thought his plan had succeeded.

However, after a national outcry, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were released. The story would end with Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin going to court against the Maricopa County and winning 3.75 million dollars. They would then give all of this away in the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund.

Amazing Insights on Financial FreedomPlus

Back to school is often a nightmare to many parents because it requires them prior preparation on matters such as shopping, choosing extra co curriculum activities hence good organization and prior planning are necessary for such parents like to have a smooth transition into any upcoming year. Getting supply list on time for parents is recommended since supply list remain almost the same year to year, purchasing certain supplies on time makes a stand out ahead for the next year.

Developing a reasonable budget for going back to school, starts with setting personal goals. For those who would like to save, it is advised against early shopping. It helps to prevent the purchase of equipment that are at home. Finally, make a priority of what needs to be bought first. Carry a shopping list to save time and to avoid impulse buying.

Stock up on supplies comes after you have your child’s supply list which focuses on classroom supplies. It is noted that simple supplies help make it easy for a student to maintain a working conducive environment. Under clothing plan, a back to back school clothes shopping or organize a mobilized neighborhood cloth swap if you intend to save.

FreedomPlus is a personal loan provider at quickens loans that provides funding for life events such as home remodeling, debut consolidation, travel, etc. Quicken loans hence have an array of FreedomPlus categories such as home improvement, home decorating, lawn, and garden. Under home improvements them company further discusses in details aspects such as pros and cons of electric and gas lawn mowers, choosing kitchen cabinetry, natural ways to dehumidify your home and many others. It’s only at FreedomPlus where you get easy personal loans to meet your needs.

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Chris Burch: The Iconic Successful Entrepreneur

The Island of Nihi Sumba continues getting voted the best resort on the planet by eminent magazines, for example, Travel and Leisure and in light of current circumstances. The resort that has been based on Nihi Sumba or Nihi for short, is a piece of the island fastens having a place with Indonesia, a standout amongst the most wonderful territories on the planet. The resort is worked by design magnate Chris Burch and hotelier James McBride. Chris is outstanding for establishing a few understood brands, for example, C. Ponder and Tory Burch. Once while going by this zone of Indonesia, he got some answers concerning a shoreline lodging that was available to be purchased. Both of them got it promptly and spent around $30 million revamping it. Know him moreion this article on

The outcome is the astonishing resort that is there now. The resort is appraised as a five-star inn and it has 27 bungalows that can house a few people at any given moment. Chris Burch has said that the explanation for the buy and redesign is to make it a pleasant place that can be offered back to the group. It is his method for safeguarding this pearl of a land property. Along these lines as opposed to getting obliterated by reckless tourism, the place will be taken care of and watched over, with the goal that it can be delighted in for eras to come.   More insights from him here.

Christopher Burch is the organizer and CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He runs his organization with a dream involving creative energy, innovativeness, bolster, brooding that prompt problematic brands that positively affect people groups lives. Read more, visit

In the wake of being in the venture business for more than 40 years he has been a piece of the achievement of more than 50 organizations. Truth be told, he began a clothing business called Eagle Eye, with his sibling not long after subsequent to graduating school, which developed to be worth about $165 million. His prosperity lies in the way that he has a stunning instinct at making sense of patterns and sponsorship items that will undoubtedly have an effect.  More to read on

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Business Mogul, Chris Burch

Chris Burch is known to be an entrepreneur with vast of interest in fashion and later in hospitality. He is the co-founder of several international retail brands the Tory Burch and C.Wonder. Burch with his co-founder James McBride who is an hotelier bought a beach hostel in the year 2012 in the famous Indonesia Island of Sumba.

The duo is believed to have used more than 30 million dollars in renovation the shelter and later re-opened it in the year 2015 as a five-star resort and named it Nihiwatu.

Nihiwatu has risen to the highest league in the hospitality industry to achieve a trophy as the best hotel globally in the year 2016 by the travel plus leisure group.

In 2015 business jet travelers conducted an interview with Burch who said that he bought the island hotel for his children and also as something unique. He also stated that the hotel is something to preserve and as a gift to the community. According to Burch a place that is pallet and so beautiful you get the urge to do anything special, unlike other places. He states things like building a spa under the waterfall, having a butler serving in any room and of course visiting unique places.  Burch says that the outcome of Nihiwatu has been stunning.  Read more insights from him, click this interview article on

Burch is known to split his busy schedule between the Hamptons, Miami and of course his Resort in Indonesia. He has 27 private villas include the latest one Raja Mendaka which is his private home. The private villa features four additional villas with their private pool and the main house.

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Nihiwatu resort has a nickname “The Edge of Wilderness” and it’s located on the remote Indonesia island west coast of Sumba.

Mr. Christopher Burch is an active investor, CEO, and founder of the Burch creative capital. He has a span of business ranging from luxury fashion to hotels. He is devoted to branding, financial services, consumer products, and technology. Refer to for related article.  His entrepreneurial skills are just superb and have enabled so many people to grow. He has challenged several people and his skills are just superb. He is in no doubt one of the leading masters in the business. He also has a clean academic background with excellent performance.  More about him on

He is definitely a man with great leadership skills and has been recognized by many media stations as a great entrepreneur who has what it takes to change the future generation.  For his latest cool offering to the market, check

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