Dr. David Samadi: Education, Work, and Life

Dr. David Samadi is a world-renowned urologist oncologist currently serving as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. His journey to career and entrepreneurial success is long and enlivening.

He was born in Iran, where he grew up to the age of fifteen. He and his brother later moved to Belgium during the Iranian Revolution. After that, they moved to London and finally settled in the US where he completed High school in Roslyn, New York. He attended Stony Brook School of Medicine. He completed a postgraduate in Proctology and Urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center respectively. Between 2001 and 2002, he completed his fellowship on Oncology and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy.

In 2017, Dr. David Samadi introduced the SMART technique, which contravenes traditional prostate surgery. SMART separates the prostate and the nerves, unlike conventional methods that scrap off the nerves leaving them in harm’s way.

SamadiTV is a show hosted by Dr. David Samadi. For five years now, he has been hosting the show on Fox News at Sundays at 12:30 pm, EST. On the show, popularly known as Housecall, he shares his deeply informed views on healthy lifestyles.

He maintains a fairly active social media presence. He cares about people’s health and gladly shares his expert advice on platforms like Facebook and Twitter where he keeps accounts. However, he frankly admits that he does not spend a lot of time on social media.

The achievements he has made have not gone unrewarded. Among his awards are: Most Compassionate Doctor, America’s Top Doctors For Cancer, Patient’s Choice Award, America’s Top Doctors and Community Partner Award from the American Cancer Society. The New York Magazine and The New York Times have availed him accolades.

Dr. David Samadi wrote an article after Mitt Romney underwent a prognosis. Mitt Romney had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Although the surgery was carried out by another doctor, he commented that it was successful.

During his interview with Ideamensch, he gave a fascinating insight into his life. He usually wakes at 4.00 am and gets very busy between 6.00 and 7.30 am. He spends the day on his feet, sometimes performing surgeries. When he gets ideas, he sketches them into a diagram before he plans on how to breathe life into them. This, he says, ensures he never forgets a good idea.

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Paul Mampilly Displays Stock Picking Excellence With Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly has spent years picking stocks for well connected Wall Street types who profited from his analytical abilities and know how. He rose steadily through the ranks as a hedge fund manager with skills that brought success wherever he landed culminating in his tenure with Kinetics Asset Management. Under his leadership, the fund grew in spectacular fashion and was named as one of the World’s Best by Barron’s. His victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing contest was another amazing milestone that further illustrated his stock-picking acumen. Somewhere along the way he changed his focus and began using his skills to help everyday Americans get on a stronger financial footing. Meet the experts on Sovereignsociety.com.

Profits Unlimited is the vehicle that he uses to bring hedge fund quality research to ordinary folks looking to have a decent retirement. His analytical skills and market insights gained over many years are on full display and it gives people a chance to outperform the indexes, sometimes remarkably so. The current market movers according to Paul Mampilly are Millenials and the Internet of Things both of which he believes will outpace the market going into the future.

Precision medicine could be another game-changing sector that merits extra attention according to Paul Mampilly’s research and market knowledge. This category is expected to grow substantially over the coming years as personalized treatments become a bigger part of the healthcare market. He believes that this could touch off a revolution in treating disease and in healthcare in general.

A person’s DNA is at the heart of precision medicine and will provide the roadmap for personalized, effective treatments in the years to come. These custom created medications could be the remedy for dreaded diseases like Parkinson’s, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s to name several. Read this article at Forexvestor.com.

One ingredient in the recipe of Paul Mampilly’s success over the years is his ability to take a calculated risk. This has been a central tenet of his methods and has richly rewarded him and many others who have capitalized on his skills. His analysis helps him pinpoint when the odds are in his favor as he weaves macro and micro factors together to craft winning portfolios.

Paul Mampilly was an early believer in Netflix and realized incredible gains with the stock which is indicative of his ability to analyze innovation. Netflix has been an incredible story stock and while his gains were excellent he’s done even better with other selections such as Sarepta Therapeutics in which he believed in their product and jumped on board early.

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A Review Focused On The EOS Organic Lip Balm In Wildberry

When someone is looking for a new lip balm to try out, they might consider a variety of flavors before they find one that is just right for them. EOS is a brand that has many different flavors of lip balm available to consumers.  One of the organic options from this brand is the lip balm in Wildberry. The EOS Organic Wildberry lip balm is made with shea butter to help it nourish the lips. This lip balm is also made with fruit extracts. Those who enjoy the scent and taste of berries will find this lip balm to be one that is fun to use.

More on https://www.mapleholistics.com/blog/why-are-eos-lip-balms-so-popular/

EOS is a brand that focuses on more than just moisturizing the lips, they have products available to exfoliate and care for the lips in other ways, as well (Allure). They have a lip scrub available that is made with seaweed and that can exfoliate the lips to help them be at their best. The brand also puts out a deep hydration mask for those times when the lips really need extra moisture. EOS has created a lip gloss as well as a glistening body lotion. This brand is focused on using the best ingredients and helping consumers to look their best.


Bruno Fagali And The Bright Future Of Brazilian Law

Lawyers are paramount people in any nations of the world. These professionals assist in so many activities that take place in the corporate world. Without these people, it is not possible to fight the cases that in the courts. Lawyers have to face so many challenges when they are working, and this is the primary problem many people are not working as lawyer in the world. These individuals have to undergo some essential training too because they can be approved to become lawyers. Very few people can deal with the hardships lawyers have to face in the world today. Bruno Fagali is one of the few people who are performing well in the legal department.

Becoming a lawyer in a country such as Brazil comes with a wide range of challenges. Brail does not take chances with the people who want to venture into this department. Bruno Fagali has been known in many countries because of his knowledge of the complex Brazilian law. The businessman decided that this was the career path that he was going to take many years ago, and he has never regretted the decision many years later.

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The educational system in Brazil can be difficult for most professionals who want to venture into the law department. Bruno Fagali was always showing interest in law even when he was very young. When he was given an opportunity to go to school, the businessman worked hard so that he could secure a position in law school. His hard work paid, and this is why he was admitted at one of the leading universities in Brazil.

The Brazilian law can be complicated to the citizens of the country. Investors who want to make any investment in this country are fortunate because they can get the services of a prominent lawyer. Bruno Fagali is an expert in law, and he has assisted so many people in the country. Foreigners have also sought the services of the businessman in the past. Fagali charges affordable rates to his customers, and they are always sure that there case is being handled by the perfect professional.

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EOS Crystal Lip Balms Review

EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth is a company that produces several products. They produce a shaving cream, lotions, and lip balms. However, their lip balms are the most popular. Just about everyone on the planet is familiar with the EOS organic lip balms that are a big hit with the younger generation (mapleholistics.com). Now, just about everyone loves those little orbs of flavor that smooth the lips and leave them buttery soft. Of course, that’s good news. The even better news is that EOS has a new entry, the new EOS Crystal Lip Balms.

What’s New

Of course, most fans of the brand wonder if the new Crystal lip balm is different. The fact is that the Crystal lip balm is also very nourishing, smooths lips, and is organic. However, this new product does not include beeswax. In addition, it is crystal clear. The user is able to see through the product. The new lip balm contains several nourishing ingredients that make this product one to consider adding to your lip balm collection. Available in two flavors that include Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Here are the key ingredients.

  • Aloe Vera – Provides plenty of moisture to your dry lip
  • Coconut Oil – This oil has the ability to deeply penetrate dry lips and add suppleness
  • Avocado Oil – This oil is great at soothing dry lips

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Here is something else that is great about the product. The New EOS Crystal lip balm is also vegan and cruelty free. Vegan simply means that the lip balm does not include any animal ingredients. Cruelty free is a statement that is applied to products that were not tested on animals. The product is also hypoallergenic. The EOS Crystal Lip Balm is available on the EOS website or at local stores(Amazon).


Can Jason Hope Turn Back Time?

One of the hardest things for most people to accept in this life is growing old. Many individuals do not like to grow older because it causes them to look less attractive. More importantly, people’s health begins to decline in their senior years. People who age are not as fast as they use to be in the past, they lose mental focus and they are not as productive as they once were during their earlier years. Consultant Jason Hope wants to help alleviate these problem through anti-age related medical research.

Jason Hope is a business consultant that specializes in technology as it relates to business and medicine. He is a guru that has a knack for predicting the future in terms of how science will impact the business field. One of his boldest predictions about the immediate future is the Internet of Things or IoT.

He sees this aspect of technology being integrated into all devices, appliances and machines so that people can consistently stay connected to each other. Jason had this ability for many years. Even when he was in college in Arizona, he still had a good idea about what tech ideas would impact the future.

Hope also sees the future where the effects of old age are seriously degraded. Jason Hope does not believe that science can literally stop people from getting older. That is an impossible and impractical thing to do. However, he does see anti-aging medication that is able to turn back the hands of time. In other words, people can use anti-aging medicines to reduce (or eliminate) incidences of high blood pressure, arthritis and even cancer.

Keep in mind that anti-aging research can be beneficial for reducing diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hypertension. This type of medical research also has the ability to help people to experience more energy, stamina and mental clarity during their senior years. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000

Since Jason Hope is a philanthropist he makes it a point to give to organizations and individuals that help to forge the future through technology. His provisions to SENS is important because he is doing his part to help turn back the hands of time for people. While anti-age medical research cannot resolve every issue that happens with aging it can help people to live a better quality of life. Jason Hope sees the future where people can turn back the hands of time and live for a longer time. Scottsdale Philanthropist Jason Hope Helps Pioneering Nonprofit Fight Aging

Can the Laws of one Nation Cascade Into Global Conflict, Kamil Idirs Believes it is Possible

In his new book, JASTA and a Third World War (UK Book Publishing), Dr. Kamil Idirs analyzes and makes a detailed critique of IP Laws created Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism act (JASTA) and its functions. Throughout the book he raises cautions about the act’s worldwide implications.

JASTA passed the U.S. Congress in 2016 in a vote which overruled the presidential veto. The act, designed for the U.S. victims of terrorism, allows U.S. citizens to file legal action against another nation who provided (either directly or indirectly) funding for terrorist groups and their planned attacks. The act was designed to provide compensation and a type of closure for the victims of a terrorist action, specifically the victims of the 9/11 attacks. Kamil Idirs sees the act having long reaching, worldwide foreign policy consequences.

Dr. Idirs argues in his book, JASTA and a Third World War, that a U.S. citizen filing a lawsuit against a freestanding nation could potentially be considered a challenge to that nation’s sovereignty. Kamil Idirs predicts a spiraling of defensive or retaliatory legislation created other nations, increase nationalistic tendencies and create global friction between allies.

Pointing out the current global political climate and spotlighting the rise of nationalism throughout the world, Dr. Idirs compares the current geopolitical situation to the pre-WWI era, when strong nationalistic tendencies and an increase in fascism caused a war that left as many as 20 million dead world-wide and set the stage for WWII, which killed another 50 million.

As the current president of the International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM) as well as holding legal degrees from Khartoum University, Ohio State University and the University of Geneva, Dr. Kamil Idirs can see the legal and political ramifications of this JASTA act and hopes his book will provide the legal knowledge to prevent conflict and a third world war.

Read the full interview:

WIPO’s Kamil Idris on protecting intellectual property rights

Review of the New EOS Cooling Balm

The EOS has done it again with its brand new chamomile cooling lip balm. This amazing balm uses natural menthol, which is derived from mint leaves, to deliver a chilly blast to your lips to calm and numb them if they’re hurting you. In the colder months of the year and when dealing with allergies and sun burn, it can sometimes be difficult to feel confident in your lips. If they’re chapped and in need of quality care, this brand new chamomile balm will do the trick for you. It delivers high moisture to your lips while cooling them down, so it’s ideal for both the winter and summer months if this is the type of product that you’re looking to purchase for yourself.

There aren’t many people out there who don’t know about the EOS brand. This brand has been around for a couple of years now and delivers amazing products at affordable prices. They can be found either online or in your local drugstore (Amazon), so it’s worth looking into the EOS brand and knowing that they’re a brand that you’re going to be able to trust for yourself, check maplepholistics.com for more. Before you use any other type of lip balm, it is a good idea for you to make use of this for yourself and see why it is as popular as it has been before.

EOS is a great brand that produces lip products, shave creams and even lotions that you might want and need to make use of for yourself. Before you choose to use a different brand, give EOS a try for yourself and see why it’s very popular. From all of the positive reviews on the internet written about the EOS brand, it’s no wonder that it is a staple in many people’s lives who use these products.

Bob Reina: It’s Within Reach

Bob Reina: It’s Within Reach

Bob Reina wants people to know that whatever they want out of life, it is within reach. It is not too far and it is within their grasp. They just need to want it badly enough and go after it without letting anything or anyone stand in their way. That is the bottom line. It is worth it because their life is worth it. After all, it is not a good idea to live life at half-speed. The days are going to feel incredibly long and draining. It is not going to provide happiness for the people out there. Happiness is something every single person wishes for themselves and for their families.


When it’s all said and done, it begins by doing something that people love. When they are doing something they love, it does not feel like work, whatsoever. It is something they enjoy and something they get a lot out of because it is their life-long passion. Passion is important in life. Without passion, what is the point of it all? Passion is the straw the stirs the drink for people. People need to be passionate about the person they are with, the life they are living, and the job they go to each and every day. Without passion, they just exist and they are not living. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


Bob Reina is one of the most passionate people out there, and it shows in his work at Talk Fusion. At Talk Fusion, he is brimming with passion and always looking to come up with fresh and exciting ideas for the company. It is why he meets with his IT team as often as people. He wants to hear what they have to say and he wants to pick their brains. After all, he hired them for a reason and he trusts them. Because he trusts them, he wants to know what they think can be done to improve the product.


There is always room for improvement, even with the best products out there. They can always evolve, change, and make little tweaks here and there. It is what makes it whole.

Review of EOS Cool And Nourishing Chamomile Lip Balm

In the oversaturated market of chapstick retail, Evolution Of Smooth or EOS has offered their version of medicated chapstick called EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm. This lip balm is not only medicinal, it also has a pain-relieving property and a distinct round, blue-ball container which has already given stiff competition to the cylindrical-shaped chapsticks of varying, but faint flavors that have been on store shelves since the first half of the twentieth century. This best-selling lip balm will make shriveled, cracked, and raw lips, hydrated, soft and feeling good again.

EOS Cooling Chamomile Lip Balm is made with actual chamomile, which has phenolic compounds that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating qualities. The medicating element of this lip balm comes from the menthol additive which provides the “coolness” and the pain relief. Another ingredient is aloe to alleviate the discomfort and damage to chapped, peeling skin. Other ingredients include moisturizing Shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, and vitamin E. All these ingredients combined together create a very conditioning and nourishing lip balm that leaves the competition in the dust (https://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245).

EOS was founded in 2006 and one of their most recent developments is this unsurpassed, healing lip balm which is hypoallergenic, paraben and petroleum-free, as well as gluten-free (mapleholistics.com).  Dermatologist-tested, this beneficial lip balm, along with all other EOS natural products, has not been tested on animals. EOS products are easy to find and available at most major retailers.