Talk Fusion – Helping Companies Take Advantage of Video Marketing through it Innovative Products

The entire dynamics of marketing has changed in the past few years, especially with the advent of the online marketing and social media marketing. One of the major categories of marketing that many companies have shifted their focus to apart from these two forms of marketing is video marketing. Talk Fusion is a technology based firm that offers high-end video marketing solutions and applications for individuals as well as the corporations.

Talk Fusion, started in 2007, has been working on developing video based marketing and communication solutions for close to a decade, and its products are used and available in more than 140 countries today. The company has achieved major success in the field of video marketing by just providing its clients with the video marketing products that helps with communicating the message in a more personalized and interactive manner.

Videos are meant to help with improving the customer loyalty and enhance customer engagement by a sharp margin, and all the enterprises that have tried the products of Talk Fusion have witnessed a major increase in their sales and turnover in a short span. It is, for this reason, the video marketing solutions offered by Talk Fusion are being used by many companies globally. The company recently launched the video chat application for the Android and iOS platform by the name of Fusion on the Go.

The company believes that such comprehensive video based services can be of immense help to the companies who are in the competitive arena and wants to reach out to their target audience in an efficient manner. Bob Reina, CEO, and founder of Talk Fusion, said in an interview recently that the company is focused on staying ahead of the game and it is for this reason many new products are under development and would be launched in the time to come.

Bob believes that the sphere of video marketing would become more diverse and widespread in future as more and more companies continue to adopt and implement video marketing campaigns alongside their conventional marketing campaigns to get as well as retain a competitive advantage. It is known to increase the chances of customers buying the products of the company by more than eighty-five percent, so it only makes sense to give video marketing its due importance.

Todd Lubar, The Financier, and Lender

In the year 1995, Todd Lubar engaged himself in the field of real estate. The outcome of his service was a prosperous firm. He devoted his energy to carry out his operations with the target of establishing real estates as well as giving the necessary assistance to the young and developing realtors access the appropriate advice as well as the finances towards the attainment of their desired goals with entailed the ownership and selling of properties. At his time of services at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he realized certain methods that would predictably establish an efficient planning of the mortgage.

This idea though soft offered him the permission to tackle stand up firms and provided them with the services through which he attained success. He considered the agents of real estate, upright and honest insurance organizations, CPAs as well as the competent financial organizers who ensured that the basis of his idea solid. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

According to Hackronym, in the year 1999, he attained an equity vacancy at Legacy Financial Group. This was a significant realization which provided him with the go-ahead to intensify his lending abilities. At that moment, he could loan out money to the other realtors. In the year 2002, he took a bold step of establishing the Legendary Properties. It was a housing expansion firm that facilitated quick acquirement of estates by purchasing, rehabilitating, selling as well as making gains. The asset was a twenty-unit scheme which was to host different families. Todd rapidly attained resilient networks with individuals who were at the firm. The newly aspiring stakeholders would confidently look for loans as well as repay it contentedly without in the course of setting up properties. His firm had access to up to twenty million dollars from the leading banks.

Todd Lubar has also enhanced the adjustments of the laws setting up the new legislation which are up to date. Notably, he is the individual who has indulged in Automotive Scrap Metal which is a recycling platform which has offered a respectable standing of the company in consideration of the environmental conservation struggles. This is in addition to the Charter Funding that he established in the year 2013. Through it, he would offer mortgages to the persons with the wish of becoming house owners.

Clearabee: Efficient Rubbish Removal Services

All households and business premises have to deal with rubbish. Waste is usually generated every day. In order to maintain the clean and healthy state of your surroundings, you may need the help of a professional. This is exactly where the services of a rubbish removal company come in handy.



Tips for Choosing a Reliable Rubbish Removal Company



Most homeowners and business owners make the mistake of choosing just any rubbish removal company that they come across. The truth is that these companies are different. In fact, one company may offer waste removal services that another one does not.



When choosing a rubbish removal service provider, it is important to not only consider their affordability but also the quality of their services. It is also important to consider their efficiency in relation to time. It is important to hire a company that removes your rubbish in a timely manner.



Benefits of Hiring Clearabee

One of the companies which offer impeccable rubbish removal services in the UK is Clearabee. The company is reputed for their commitment to their clients and their fast turnaround. They also perform their duties with efficiency, thanks to their trained and qualified employees.



The advantage of hiring a company like Clearabee is that you do not have to worry about removing the rubbish yourself. Furthermore, the experts have all the necessary equipment and manpower to make the job easy to do. All you have to do is schedule your rubbish removal and the professionals will handle the rest of the details.

Eric Lefkofsky – Founder of Pioneering Firms Like Groupon and Tempus Inc.

Eric Lefkofsky has enjoyed tremendous success throughout his entrepreneurial journey; starting from the time he founded Groupon, which has grown to become one of its kind platforms that are helpful for the companies as well as the end users. Groupon helps connects the customers to the merchants in a very innovative manner and helps the customers get the discounts on the products and services offered by the merchants.Many promotional deals can be found on Groupon, which aren’t available elsewhere, and this is what makes Groupon a highly popular venue online to find great deals. Today, the company has become a market leader in its sector and is worth over $2 Billion, which is huge considering it is relatively a very young company.

Eric Lefkofsy recently also started Tempus Inc to help the field of cancer research. Eric realized that the technology is not used at its potential best in the field of cancer and medical research. There are many sub-segments in the area of cancer research that can develop and improve much faster with the help of technology, and it is what Tempus Inc aims to do and achieve. Tempus Inc aggregates molecular, clinical, patient outcome, and therapeutic data to help the physicians, oncologists, and other researchers working in the field of cancer research.For example, if a particular medicine is used to treat cancer for one patient, it is effective, and the same drug used on another cancer patient, it has not yielded similar results. Such results and the correlation between these two cases are very crucial in defining a highly effective treatment for the future.

The data of such cases when aggregated together in large amounts, a defining procedure can be constructed that can help provide much more efficient cancer therapies. It can also tremendously help answer many unanswered questions in the field of cancer research. Tempus Inc, founded by Eric Lefkofsky aims to fill in the gap and provide such data to the professionals in the area of cancer research.Eric Lefkofsky is also the author of a famous book named Accelerated Disruption that talk about the critical of innovation and technology in the various industry, and how it can impact the future of different sectors.Follow him on twitter :

Eric Pulier Is a Perfect Role Model for Seasoned and New Investors

Investment is not only a venture for high rollers. Unlike the conventional belief that for an individual to invest, they must be wealthy, investment is open for all income earners. As a seasoned or new investor in the field, there will be many unfamiliar terms to learn before putting resources to a specific venture. These terms, as well as strategies, must be understood for an investor to be successful. If an individual wants to achieve large yields, it is also vital to have a role model to look up to. A role model keeps an investor checked in the long run. A good investor diversifies the portfolio as a strategy to spread risks. A good investor encourages new investors. An astute investor harbors excellent skills. These words better describe Eric Pulier, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, technologist and founder of over ten companies.




Idea Mensch recently interviewed Eric Pulier. The questions in the discussion highlighted his career journey from founding his first company to venturing into public speaking in a bid to pave the way for entrepreneurs. The founder of more than fifteen companies is a focused entrepreneur with excellent skills. From founding Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Service mesh and US Interactive, Eric Pulier executes charisma and talent in developing several businesses. As a leader in many companies, he has been able to deal with different people from various backgrounds as his employees. The success of the companies indicates that Eric is a dedicated leader focused on creating employment opportunities for the youth.




Apart from investing in his companies, he has invested in several venture capital funds. He is also known to have partnered with many charity organizations as well as venture groups with the objective of empowering the less fortunate in the society. Pulier is a serial investor who has actively participated in several start-ups including media as well as technology. As a fourth grade student, he was already programming computers. When he was joining campus, he had a database of a computer company. The alumnus of Harvard School was an editor of the Harvard Crimson, an article section in the school magazine. It is evident that Eric’s investment career commenced at a young age. He is a perfect role model for seasoned and new entrepreneurs.

Highland Capital Management Gains Significant Yield Returns Using Below Grade Investments

Highland Capital Management is the most-prominent credit managing firm in the world. The firm uses distressed credit markets to build capital for investors. The firm currently has assets totaling $18 billion with offices in New York, Singapore and Seoul.


Highland Capital Management has created stable investment portfolios for investors by focusing on a strategy that uses the firm’s best resources for the allocation of investments. The firm chooses a method that will operate with less risk to investors, but provide a diverse portfolio that sustains operating capital and brings forth promising yield returns.


One of the advantages that Highland Capital Management has over the competition is in its reduced rate that is 30 percent lower than its competition. That starting point has allowed the firm to engage at a level with investors that brings an opportunity for gaining capital before an investment even originates.


Highland Capital Management operates approximately $13 billion of collaterized loan obligations (CLO), making the firm the largest investment firm to operate in that asset-class. The firm remains as the principle credit management company to purchase private equity and distressed debt in a controlled space to add sustainable value. Highland Capital Management is able to take the debt of those companies and source it in a constructive direction, which results in high yield returns for investors.


The firm recently generated returns of 20.69 percent with a $400 million closed-end fund through NexPoint Credit Strategies and the firm is projected to reach 18.79 percent return over the next five years. This type of top performance by Highland Capital Management is consistent with their 27 year history of high yield returns for investors.


With an economy that has been challenged in recent years Highland Capital Management has managed to gain a significant edge on the credit market with below investment grade debt and equities. Highland Capital Management continues to surpass their competitors by choosing markets that otherwise would not be capitalized on for growth opportunities. The firm has set the best example of what should be done in a market that remains uncertain, yet provides many possibilities for investors to grow capital.



Need A Holiday Getaway? Nihiwatu Resort Is One Of Your Options

Chris Burch is a man of means. The serial entrepreneur has a longstanding career in business. For over 40 years, Chris has continuously come up with disruptive brands which have enabled him to create a lot of wealth and experience in the corporate world. In the year 2012, Chris Burch was ranked among the high-net-worth individuals of billion-dollar status by Forbes. Currently, Chris Burch Serves as the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a company he founded. He is also the name behind retail fashion names such as Tory Burch.

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So how did Chris Burch rise to fame? Chris worked his way to the top. The businessman was born in the year 1953 in a middle-income family of ten children. Chris knew that he had to work to become successful. He was never shy of humble beginnings in business.

When he was studying at Ithaca College, he began his career in the fashion industry. Chris decided to partner with his brother to establish a venture that saw the two purchase sweaters and then resell them to their peers in college. This business cost the $2,000 in startup capital. Eagle Eye was their trading name, and for each successful sale of a sweater, they made a profit of $5. Over time, the two entrepreneurs recorded impressive growth in the business that saw them expand operations to nearby colleges and later retail stores.  Related article on

In the year 2012, Chris Burch decided to try his hand in the hospitality sector. Chris together with a friend called James McBride who is an hotelier by profession bought Nihiwatu resort which is built on Sumba Island in Indonesia. Their first activity was refurbishing the hotel and making it unique so that it could attract tourists.

Nihiwatu Resort provides an authentic and unique experience to its customers. With natural features such as sandy beaches and waterfalls, the hotel stands out as a leader in the Indonesia hospitality sector.

One of the reasons as to why the Nihiwatu Resort is special to Chris Burch is because the hotel has had an impact on the communities living on Sumba island. The business stands out as one of the biggest private employers in the isle. A good percentage of profits from the resort go towards funding community projects on the island.  More of this on

Chris Burch hopes that Nihiwatu resort could be preserved as a business for his children and at the same time contribute towards bettering the lives of people in Indonesia.  Click on to read an important interview with Burch.

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Cucumber Melon, EOS Limited Edition Lip Balm Flavor

With its distinctive oval shape and eye catching pastel colored packaging, EOS is easily the most recognized lip balm brand on the market today. It is widely available and very affordable and a must have beauty product. In addition to the already impressive line of flavors, the brand is now offering a Spring, 2017 limited edition flavor to its Visibly Soft line…Cucumber Melon! Check on for added details.

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Made with the highest quality ingredients, EOS glides on lips smoothly and precisely. These natural lip balms are also hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben and petrolatum free. Each EOS balm is infused with natural vitamins and oils that conditions the lips and leaves them feeling soft, hydrated, shiny and smooth long after your first use. EOS offer so very many delicious flavors from which to choose. Regardless of what flavor you choose, when you slide this balm on your lips you will be sliding on the Evolution of Smooth.  Click for details 

EOS Available Flavors:

  • Blueberry Acai (Blue)
  • Fresh Grapefruit SPF 30 (Light/Dark Pink)
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew (Green)
  • Lemon Drop SPF 15 (Yellow)
  • Lemon Twist SPF 15 (Light/Dark Yellow)
  • Medicated Tangerine (Orange)
  • Passion Fruit (Purple)
  • Pomegranate Raspberry (Pomegranate)
  • Strawberry Sorbet (Pink)
  • Summer Fruit (Red)
  • Sweet Mint (Mint)
  • Vanilla Bean (Cream)
  • Wildberry (Fuchsia)

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People Who Want to Look And Feel Good On Any Occasion Turn to Fabletics

Regardless of the mentality that people have towards fashion, it is a common desire to want to look good. When people look good, they tend to feel better. However, people who take an interest in fashion tend to find that it is easier to look good than they at first thought. For one thing, it is a subjective issue for people who want to dress up. There are a lot of steps that people should take when they decide on how they want to look. When they figure out the look and vibe that they want to give out, then they make sure that they have that worked out.


This is when they look for companies that can help them achieve the look they want. They can look at different companies. Among the companies people tend to look at is Amazon. One of the reasons that Amazon is so popular is that they have so many clothes and products from many different companies. However, they have way too many products. As a result, people may have a hard time finding the type of clothes they want. Therefore, it can discourage customers. While Amazon will sell a lot of clothes, they don’t provide a custom experience for people.


Fortunately, there is a way for people to get the custom experience they want. This is through Fabletics. After all, Fabletics has been created with the mindset of giving the customers what they want. Therefore, the creators of the brand have decided that they are going to put the focus on the customer in order to find out what they want. Then they direct them to the pages of recommended items. This is one of the reasons that they have the Lifestyle quiz. When people take this quiz, the company gets information about preference.


Customers are for the most part going to look for the types of clothes they want at some point. This is especially true for customers that are feeling a little adventurous. Fabletics lets people discover their adventurous side with fashion. Therefore, they become more comfortable with the store and what it has to offer.

JHSF and its Chief Jos AuriemoNeto Introduce an Innovative Business Model to Brazilian Real Estate Industry

JHSF, a major real estate development firm specialized in high-end solutions to the Brazilians, and its Chief Executive Officer, Jos AuriemoNeto introduced a new concept of comprehensive and affluent business model for the Brazilian real estate industry. The real estate development firm is known for providing exceptional quality services both in residential and commercial sectors and offers shopping complexes and malls, villas and apartments, hotels and restaurants, and an executive airport, which is serving for international business needs. In the recent years, the firm is looking asset building solutions and focusing on to provide rent out solutions than selling out.

JHSF is founded in the year 1972, and it grew in the market by following the basic principles of any industry such as quality, innovation, daring, pioneering, and capability. The firm has a presence across the major cities in Brazil such as Salvador, São Paulo, Manaus, and more. JHSF also has an international presence in Uruguay and U.S. With decades of experience in real estate industry, the firm and its management know the requirement of each economy and work on solutions that suit the specific needs of the locality and country. JHSF is very focused on sustainable solutions, and it holds AQUA certification for providing High Environmental Quality in the end to end process of the project development.

Jos AuriemoNeto played crucial roles in the fast-paced growth of the firm and shaping its innovative solutions. In 1998, he worked tirelessly for the company to plan and execute the development of the first shopping destination from the JHSF named the Shopping Santa Cruz. During his period, Neto played a significant role in changing the firm’s focus to retail sector considering the growth prospects of Brazilian retail industry as a whole.It can be seen that since he was appointed as the CEO of the firm, JHSF went through a phase of rampant development both in retail and commercial sectors. Neto made the company joining hands with international brands such as Valentino, Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes. He completed his education from Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado and joined JHSF in the year 1993. In 1997, Neto founded a parking lot management firm called Parkbem.