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SudhirChoudhrie Loves British Culture and Classic Cars

SudhirChoudhrie, born and raised in India, has nevertheless engendered a life-long love of the United Kingdom, its culture and people. That’s just one of the reasons the international business man opted to become a British citizen in 2010. Evidence of his appreciation for British culture is SudhirChoudhrie’s recent editorial in the Huffington Post UK. He writes of his joy with attending the famous Goodwood Revival. The latter is a world-famous auto show and motor sporting event that features displays of vintage automobiles from an era that Mr. Choudhrie calls a “better managed time.” Sudhir Choudhrie said he marvels in the crowds of people that flock to Goodwood dressed in period dress.

That includes men in tweed jackets and trilby hats. Women don furs and fabulous frocks. For Mr. Choudhrie, it’s like stepping into a time machine so that one can enjoy the special flavor and period of a bygone era of British culture and history. It’s the vintage automobiles that he loves the most, however. For decades, SudhirChoudhrie has been an avid collector of classic automobiles. His cars range from a 1938 model to those custom built in the early years of the 20th Century. He said his love for cars was sparked when he was a boy. He collected tiny toy cars, such as the Matchbox and Dinky brands.

As an adult, SudhirChoudhrie developed a passion for searching out rusted heaps and spending years and thousands of dollars restoring them. His first project was a vintage 1938 Mercedes convertible. It was little more than a frame, fabric and scrap metal serving as a home for stray cats when he found it. After years of painstaking work and a worldwide search for rare parts, the Mercedes was returned to pristine condition. The joy of the project and the end result was a thrill for Mr. Choudhrie. His next project was an ancient Rolls Royce. Like the 1938 Mercedes, it was a junkyard relic that would require years of patient, dedicated work to return it from the dead. Nevertheless, the project was completed. Now the Rolls Royce, worth about $250,000, holds a place of honor among his huge collection.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Helps JHSF Expand To International Real Estate Markets

JHSF currently stands as one of the biggest names in the luxury real estate market in Brazil. The company is known for its residential and commercial constructions and for the numerous mergers and acquisitions that have been carried out. The company is best known for its construction and management of several shopping centers, malls, hotels and even an international airport in one of the most prominent cities in Brazil. JHSF first started operating within this industry in 1972 and soon came to be known for their ability to identify best business opportunities that could help them develop further. The company was known for its ability to find niche projects that they could then develop into beneficial and luxury spaces. While improving these spaces, the company strived to implement some of the best innovation and technology so as to improve the quality of product that they delivered.

The company is also known for the strategic locations that they have set up their operations in over the years, especially when it comes to projects in Sao Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus. In addition to working for projects within Brazil, the company has also been looking to expand beyond its traditional territory. The manner in which the company has done this is through expansions to the United States. Jose Auriemo Neto is someone who has been leading the charge in this manner and has pushed for the improvement of the company through several commercial developmental programs.

Jose Auriemo Neto currently stands as the President of the company and is someone who has played a large role in the development that the company has been seeing. He has been operating in this position for the past few years and has managed to attain a positive recognition for the work that he has done. The reason why Jose Auriemo Neto has proven to be such a business leader to the company is because of the fact that he has been witnessing the growth of the company from a young age. He is the grandson of the founder of the company and watched his family foster the growth of the company.

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Shervin Pishevar Unleashes Pithy Tweetstorm That Rocks Social Media

In 2016, Shervin Pishevar was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The recognition signifies great achievement on behalf of people who have emigrated to the United States and made extraordinary contributions to their adopted country.

Shervin Pishevar is most known for his legendary career in the high-tech sector. A giant of Silicon Valley, Mr. Pishevar has backed some of the most successful enterprises in recent history. He co-founded Investment company Capital which was the investment vehicle behind such companies as Uber, Airbnb and Munchery. When he was just 23 years old, Shervin Pishevar created WebOS, an internet browsing system than revolutionized how people used the World Wide Web.

His stellar achievements is what prompted people stop everything they were doing for one amazing 21-hour period when Mr. Pishevar launched a tweetstorm for the ages. In tweets after tweet, Mr. Pishevar held forth on a wide array of weighty issues.

The stock market, for example, is on shaky ground, Shervin Pishevar said. He predicted a looming and significant downward correction soon. That could be to the tune of 6,000 points, he said. The reasons are many. One of the primary pressures on the stock market will be the almost certain rise in the prime rate as regulated by the Federal Reserve.

Another drag on the stock market and the economy in general is an entrenched problem with underemployment, Shervin Pishevar said. This is particularly the case among people of advanced education, such as engineers and doctoral level positions.

But underemployment is also a factor on other levels as well because of the way employers are restructuring the way they do business. They hire more consultants, for example, and make greater use of temporary employees for whom they need not pay benefits and provide other securities.

These were just a few of the subjects tackled by Shervin Pishevar in the course of his epic tweetstorm.

What Investors Can Learn From Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm

As a Silicon Valley investor, Shervin Pishevar support to blockbuster start-up companies like Airbnb and Uber. His ride to the top of the tech world hasn’t been without its controversies, but Pishevar remains a compelling figure in the world of venture capital.

A 21-Hour Tweet Storm and Big Economic Predictions

And when Shervin Pishevar takes to his Twitter account to let his followers in on his economic views, many people sit up and take notice. Such was the case during a recent 21-hour tweet storm, in which the investor gave his opinion on everything from a possible recession to the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: Gaining Steam for 2019?

As a new form of currency, Bitcoin made big news in 2017 after its price per “share” hit $17.5k, up from $1 per coin in 2011. With that kind of exponential rise in value, investors were able to make billions of dollars from savvy investments in the currency. Bitcoin’s value dropped to $6500 per coin this year, but if Pishevar is correct, new investors could make millions if they buy now and wait for the currency to regain its former value.

A Recession in 2019?

While Pishevar remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, he was not so positive about the future of the stock market, suggesting that it would likely fall by a staggering 6000 points in coming months. For many business owners, this might be an indication that it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare to weather a financial storm akin to 2008’s “great recession.” For those who favor buying stocks when prices drop in the wake of an economic downturn in the market, however, a recession could be a good time to invest.

So if you’re a fan or even a critic of Shervin Pishevar, you’re probably interested one way or the other in his unorthodox views on investing. No one has ever accused Shervin Pishevar of holding his cards close to his chest, but his unique opinions on investing have many wondering if his economic forecast is a solid lead on changes to come in the marketplace. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but for many investors, Pishevar may have just gotten it right once again.