Doe Deere Shows How Beauty Can Exist Both Inside and Out

Makeup means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But it’s worth listening to the people at the top of the cosmetics industry to see how they approach the subject. Of course not all cosmetic industry executives came to the position in the same way. Some simply chanced into the position as they would any other, and with little actual appreciation for makeup. Others bring a real passion to the subject. These are the people who found makeup to be a true calling. And of these one of the most interesting is a woman named Doe Deere.

Saying that Doe Deere worked her way up the corporate ladder would be an understatement. When it comes to her own company she quite literally invented that ladder. And her influence on the industry as a whole can’t be underestimated either. One of the biggest points to Doe Deere’s position in the cosmetics industry comes from the fact that she’s more than someone selling it. She’s also someone who uses it. And a look into that use shows both how she got where she is and how passion can push one’s life into some exciting directions.

Doe Deere didn’t have any academic background in either business or cosmetics. It’s true that her academic background was focused on one aspect of the visual arts. But there’s quite a bit of different between her subject, fashion, and where she’d end up. But from the world of fashion Doe Deere did pick up some very important facts. And one of the biggest is that one needs to be able to quickly change looks for various aspects of life. So when she had a chance to join up with a rock band she knew that changing her look to match it would be vital. However, she quickly ran into some issues.

Doe Deere quickly decided that there was only one thing to do. As with many things in life she knew that if nobody was going to step up than it might well be up to her to do so. As such she began really focusing on learning the nature of the cosmetics industry. A lot goes into making any kind of makeup. But creating high quality cosmetics is an especially difficult process. But Doe Deere pushed forward, and she ended up with something really amazing. A brand of makeup durable enough to stay great on stage. But something wild enough that it would look fresh and dynamic on the street. She ended up doing such a good job with it that other women quickly began asking where she bought it. This prompted the next big change in her life. She went from band to boardroom, and created a whole company to market the new makeup. This brand, now known as Lime Crime, has quickly become one of the favorite brands of women who like Doe Deere want to make sure their voices are heard.

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    Leanna Chad May 13, 2017

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