Athleisure and Fabletics are Redefining Fashion

Imagine being able to go from running errands to the gym without needing to change first. Athleisure, a growing trend in the world of fashion, is making this possible without having to look out of place. Leggings that go just as well with boots as they do with sneakers, and dresses that can be worn for some light hiking as well as out to lunch with friends are making this trend one that is sure to stick around for a while.

Fabletics, a subscription based clothing company, has always been centered around physical fitness. They were introduced in 2013 as a sub-section of JustFab. The V.I.P. subscription option allows customers to pay a low monthly fee to receive news and discounts on all the current trends. Fabletics released its own line of athleisure this past April. In an article from, the author gushed about the amazing new dresses Fabletics has to offer. They are made from the same fabrics as the active wear on so customers know they will be just as comfortable as they are stylish.

The co-founder of Fabletics, actress Kate Hudson, seems to be making it her mission to use the clothing line to spread the importance of physical fitness. Living an active lifestyle on is something that Hudson personally enjoys and she wants to make sure her fans can follow her lead. Fabletics offers top of the line active wear that does not cost an arm and a leg. The materials used are a much higher quality than others in the same price range. Now, with the new options from the athleisure line, there is even more to choose from. Going to class in a stylish pair of yoga pants is bound to be more common than the skinny jeans that are the casual go to of quite a few people.
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Athleisure is making it so there no longer has to be a choice between fashion and comfort. The two worlds have come together to give fans more to choose from than ever before. With any luck, Fabletics and Kate Hudson will keep coming out with the gorgeous clothing that so many have fallen in love with.

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