Doe Deere Has Shown Me How To Use Makeup


Learning to use makeup is not always easy. I’ve always liked makeup but it was not always clear how to use it. My friends and I would experiment with different kinds of makeup techniques but we could never get it quite right. It never looked like the pictures we saw. Something would always go slightly wrong. This is why we were very happy to learn how to apply our makeup from an online source. One of my good friends discovered Doe Deere and her company, Lime Crime. We were amazed at just how easy she made it to use all kinds of makeup from lipstick to eye shadow to eye liner.

Help From An Expert

The right help was important. Doe Deere is clearly an expert at using makeup. She knows exactly how to place eye liner so it looks elegant and helps draw attention to your eyes. She also clearly knows how to create a look from top to bottom in order to make herself look totally put together. I love how you can always get on her site and find out a new look. She’s always pushing the edge of the fashion envelop and showing us how you can take ordinary looks and make them something very special.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Deere makes it so easy to follow in her footsteps. My friends and I like to play around with color but we’re never quite sure where to begin. We’ll see a look but we’re not sure if that look is right for us. But when you get on her site, she shows how she did it. She makes it so easy for people like us to put color together and have a fashionable result. I know that I love to see how she is able to take colors like electric blue and neon pink and make it all work together.

So Many New Looks

That is so much about what I love from Lime Crime. Deere and her site are always about discovering new looks of all kinds. You get online and you find out that she’s gotten new ideas of all kinds. You also know that her looks are going to be easy to use on your own. She takes very complicated makeup ideas and breaks them down for her own audience, allowing us to figure out how best to duplicate the look at home.

Check out Doe Deere at or follow her on Twitter.

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