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Today’s Capital World: More Changes and Demands

EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS is a one of a kind company that offers wonderful solutions for alternative capital. In fact, they have done so for years. They truly are one of the best to work for or work with, on a global scale as a whole.

EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS was begun in 2002. It has been up and running well since. Its headquarters are currently located in Indianapolis, IN.

EQUITIES FIRST HOLDINGS has just recently noticed a quite interested growing trend in the world of loans and capital. I quote a fantastic source which speaks more on the matter. Here it is:
“While some options still exist for these individuals, recently, many banks have cut their lending options for borrowers, tightened loan qualifications, and increased interest rates. Al Christy, Jr., Founder and CEO of EFH, sees loans collateralized by stocks as an innovative borrowing alternative….”

More traction is noticed, accord to the company, in terms of loans which are stock based and margin based. This is not to mention, in an age in which banks and other institutes of finance and money have tightened their grip on everything….including all loans. One must take note.

Criteria for taking out a loan is most certainly not as easy or forgiving as it once was. The world has certainly changed. Along with such changes may also come the opportunity for an individual to be more realistic and responsible on the whole….which is not such a bad thing in itself, when you really stop to evaluate where we stand as a globally connected economic society.

These borrowing individuals still have other options, of course. Yet not many have noticed that banks have become a bit more strict in this respect. The banks themselves are offering less and less for this; at least, many banks are.

For example, options on loans for those who borrow have become less. Qualifications for approval have no doubt become tightened more and more. Interest rates have only increased in addition to this. One need be far more wise and careful in today’s day and age.

Wessex Institute Of Technology’s Press Is Great For Science And Engineering Authors

Wessex Institute of Technology is widely known as a great university throughout the UK. In addition, they also help authors to get their works published. They exclusively work with literature in the sciences and engineering, and this gives them a high level of expertise in marketing works in these fields. They have an office in the UK and another one in the US. Both offices make their contact information available on their webpage. Additionally, works can be submitted online. They accept submissions for books, e-books, journals, and even flyers.

If you are interested in reading journals that have been published by the Wessex Institute of Technology, it’s very easy to get them. Their journals are made available to the public. Using their website to get journals is also quite affordable, and single publications can be as little as 23 euros. It also is possible to get a sample of their own publication, and you can order it online.

Learn more about the Wessex Institute of Technology on their Wikipedia page.

Online Reputation Management Techniques

Online Reputation management involves controlling what others see when they search a brand on the Internet. You should be able to see information about your business once you search its name on the web whether it’s your website or other social media profiles which are all easy to manage. Online Reputation Reviews have a high chance of influencing people’s purchasing decisions. The reviews may be negative, and this affects a business name online. Therefore, there is need to manage the online reputation in the following ways:
Use of videos

Poor quality videos will attract some negative feedback as opposed to a good quality one, this means that the content has to be of high standard. A business can enhance its online reputation by creating an educational video, one on one interview video, a video explaining a brand as well as behind the scenes video. Spreading the videos across the web can help you gain social feedback through the statistics acquired from the viewers according to Business 2 Community (

Claiming and monitoring your brand name

Chances of another business profile having a similar name as yours are very high. Claiming the profiles before someone else does would help in controlling misleading information. It is important to add high quality and engaging content as well as a link to your websites. Businesses can use Google Alerts to find out what people are saying about you through the notifications once there is a mention of your brand name.

Pushing down the negative information

The best way to deal with the negative information is publishing new active content which helps push down the negative results to page 2 of a search engine. Looking for mentions from high authority websites will also assist in the keeping the harmful content at the bottom of the searches.

Another way of managing the reputation online is listening to the client’s views and engaging in a smart way; this means that negative review receives a polite. Giving yourself compliments and shout-outs through reposing the reviews or redirecting the link to other sites. Following this ways, you will be successful in controlling your reputation online.

Dick DeVos Is Giving Back Daily

When it comes to giving back, in my view, there is no one that does it any better than Dick DeVos. One of the major reasons for that is the he needs to do it. There are a lot of people out there that want to do it, but when the time comes to actually follow through with it, they are nowhere to be found. Dick DeVos needs to it and is committed to it. It is the same with his wife Betsy DeVos. They have gone on record and said it was the way they were raised the way they operate. When someone has full commitment to something like they do, wonderful things can happen.


They realize they have great fortune and instead of squandering it on expensive toys and gadgets that they don’t need or even want, they would rather give it back to great causes. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is focused on family. There are few things in life more important than family. They take great pride in their family and making sure that they are well-cared for and loved. They work with local and global communities to make sure they are stable and on the right path in the future.


One of their most important things they focus on is education. They know the importance of getting a good degree and how far it can take you in life. People look for that diploma today and when they see it, they really take that person seriously. Dick DeVos looks for ways to make sure that everyone has a chance to attend college and do wonderful things with their life. Nothing is going to stand in their way or stop them from achieving their goals in life.


Dick DeVos is known as an entrepreneur and that means he is a self-made man. He knows how to build something from the ground up and watch it grow. He believes in the value of hard work, dedication, and doing things the right way all of the time. If you get the chance, it is worth looking at the following website to see all of the great they are doing. He is a big supporter of the arts, economics, and helping to stop pollution. Believe it or not, he has also been on the board of the Orlando Magic basketball team since 1994. He has been involved in a little bit of everything.


Goettl Air Conditioning Receives Great Customer Reviews

Goettl Air Conditioning has been receiving positive reviews on Angie’s List. According to the reviews, the heating and air conditioning services provider boast of highly experienced staff that provides high-quality services to its clients. These services have ensured that its customers enjoy comfortable indoor environment regardless of season or time of the day.
One of the reviews is from a customer in Gilbert, AZ. The homeowner hired the company for major cleaning and servicing of his air conditioner. He was extremely pleased with the results. Goettl Air Conditioning offers a 3-year program to its clients. The program involves the company sending its staff over to the customer’s premises to clean and update their air conditioners. This activity is carried out twice a year.
This customer was enrolled in the three-year program in order to help him save money. That was after he hired the company to solve condensation problems with his equipment. He acknowledged the high skills and knowledge possessed by the Goettl experts. In addition, the professionals were armed with all the tools and equipment needed to solve the condensation problem. This information was originally reported on Angies list.
Other companies give you the total costs without any explanation. At Goettl, things are done differently. Before the experts started work on the client’s AC, they list down all the expected charges. This gave the client the chance to determine if he could afford the services. The costs are entirely transparent and reasonable.
Goettl experts are not only well trained, but also completely trustworthy. Before the company hires new staff, they carry out thorough background checks to ensure that only individuals with high integrity are recruited. This means that whenever a customer hires one of the company’s experts, he or she will always be in safe hands.
According to the client’s review, the experts sent to his place were able to correct his AC’s installation and clean it thoroughly. To solve the leaking problem, the experts adjoined a new part at the front of the equipment. The AC is now operating smoothly and the client is enjoying a comfortable indoor environment despite the hot afternoons in Gilbert, AZ.
About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl Air Conditioning is an American company that provides the public with commercial and domestic heating and air conditioning services. The company, which has been in existence for over seven decades, provides services such as installation, repair, maintenance and replacement.

Read Reviews here:

The Entrepreneurial Exploits Of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. He co-founded the company with his friend and business partner, Adam Goldenberg. He is a successful entrepreneur and strives to impact the younger generation through his advice. Don Ressler has started many start-ups. His first company was called He co-founded the company with his wife. Don Ressler was the Chief Executive Officer of the enterprise.

Don Ressler was an athlete during his college years. He and his wife were passionate about fitness. Intermix Media bought their company in 2001. After the acquisition of his business, he joined Intermix Media. While working at Intermix Media, he met with Don Ressler with whom they shared many business ideas. When he joined Intermix Media, Adam was the Chief Operating Officer. Together,  Ressler formed an e-commerce platform and advertising unit. They named the venture Alena Media. It was the major revenue earner for Intermix Media.

In 2005, News Corp bought Intermix Media. News Corp has always been an influential and wealthy company in the media industry. The media powerhouse ignored the e-commerce venture of Don and Adam. The pair became frustrated by the actions of their new employers and decided to quit the company. They knew that they would be destined for success in any business that they would initiate because of their entrepreneurial background. They invited some of their former colleagues from Intermix Media and brainstormed about business ideas at Adam’s house. They came up with the idea to form Intelligent Beauty.

Don and Adam agreed to share the control of the company. They both became the firm’s Co-Chief Executive Officers. The company was a direct-to-consumer brand business. Intelligent Beauty has been very successful since its launch. The company launched DERMASTORE. It is a platform where their clients can shop and buy cosmetics and skin products online. In 2012, they were at it again with the launch of SENSA. In the same year, the company appointed Brett Brewer to be the Chief Executive Officer. SENSA and DERMASTORE have performed well in the market and earned Intelligent Beauty a lot of revenue.

Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab in 2012. It is n e-commerce subscription fashion retailer that serves America, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, and Netherlands. Kimora Lee Simmons is the President of JustFab. The company’s market base  has grown over the years and currently has more than 13 million subscribers.


Update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

Find An Affordable Solution With Wen By Chaz

Busy professionals understand how important it is for healthy hair in a short time. They have a busy routine that calls for a reliable hair care solution that will encourage the vitality of their hair under the elements and throughout the course of the day. In fact, a rich aroma can refresh you after a hard day. Wen by Chaz Dean ( is available for all hair care types including men and women. Their hair is nourished and brought back to a natural state. Take your confidence back with your hair and live an active lifestyle able to withstand the elements of the humidity and dry cold.
Wen by Chaz can be ordered online on Amazon or through one of their friendly team of professionals. Most forms of payment are accepted and you can have your order shipped to your door in under a week. More importantly, Wen by Chaz meets the demands of most budgets. High end celebrities, mothers, students, and kids can use Wen by Chaz. Thousands of people across the globe have benefited from the all natural ingredients including exotic extracts. Never use to much because each portion for your hair care type is clearly listed on the bottle.

One young lady decided to use it for the first time and give her account to the Bustle readers. She chose their all-in-one conditioner and decided to use it for a week after she washed her hair. She noticed far less breakage with her thin hair and it had more volume when she finished drying it with the blow dryer. She noticed healthier shiner hair after that week. She now recommends Wen by Chaz to all the Bustle readers for a reliable and affordable hair care solution. You’re invited to visit their official YouTube channel for more details and product information right away.