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What People Can Learn From Richard Liu

Richard Liu is responsible for the success seen by He is the founder and CEO who help the company generate enough revenue for China to consider them the largest retailer. Liu influenced the growth of the country due to the reliability the company shows. It also helps offered authentic products to his customers. He made into the largest IPO offered on the NASDAQ in 2014. has help China see success regarding e-commerce. Liu shows the world some his knowledge regarding retail during the speeches he offers on a world forum. Liu has been able to share his perspective regarding the “internet of things,” and robotics. It would help the millions of customers served by

Liu was a part of a list of the greatest leaders created by Fortune. Fortune would rank him 48th on the list. would become first internet company from China that would be named a Fortune 500 company.

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“Marc Beer, the Healthcare Sector Investor “

Pelvic Disorders are conditions which exclusively affect the female gender. Most of the women in the world suffer from these conditions, mainly urinary incontinence. The conditions compromise their reproductive health and general health at large. A number biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across the world try to come up with medicinal products which can treat the conditions but h they do not yield desired results. One company which produces a genuine and approved diagnostic and therapeutic product is Renovia Inc.


Renovia Inc. is a pharmaceutical company which was founded in the year 2015 by a well-known entrepreneur known as, Marc Beer. Marc Beer is an investor and an entrepreneur who ventures vastly in the healthcare sector. He aims at boosting the health status of women who suffer from pelvic disorders. His company has undertaken several projects which are helpful in the medical field. One of the projects is the launching of a diagnostic and therapeutic product which is used in the management of pelvic disorders.


The product was known as Leva and was approved by FDA and introduced to the market. It performed well and produced desired results. Marc beer is experienced in commercializing and developing the healthcare and biotechnology industries. He is a highly prolific and professional businessman endowed with excellent leadership skills. Marc is a native of Dallas State though he pursued his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Miami.


Marc Beer started working on his career after he has completed his studies. He has served many companies in the country and ended up performing excellently. In most of the companies where he worked, Marc Beer assumed the top leadership positions. Between the years 1996 and 2000, Marc was the president of Global Marketing at Sanofi Company. He left the company in 2000 and joined Genzyme Therapeutics Worldwide where worked as the vice president of Global Marketing.He has served as the chief executive officer at Viacell as well as the vice president of sales and marketing at Biostar.


Last year, Marc Beer raised $42 billion which was aimed at undertaking a project which was helpful in the healthcare sector. It was a series B project of products used in the management of pelvic disorders. Marc‘s Company wanted to produce another product which will be used in the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions. The products were an improved version of the only product in the market, Leva. There are a number of investors and companies which came in and helped Renovia in the realization of the project.Marc Beer is really a sifgnificant person in the healthcare industry, though he is not a proffessional health worker but he tries his level best to help women healthwise. Learn more:


Rebel Wilson in the Movie Industry

Rebel Wilson is an actress, writer, and producer. She is an Australian born in Sydney. Rebel has three siblings’ two sisters and a brother. She was brought up by both her parents. Rebel a young girl was very anti-social and shy. She was not outgoing and would spend most of her time at home.

As she approached, teenagehood Rebel began discovering herself more. In high school, she participated in clubs and societies and also extra curriculum activities. She was a very active student at a school. She began putting her humorous nature into use when her high school teacher forced her to join a creative arts program. Rebel Wilson is still thankful up to date for the huge impact her teacher made in her life. Read more: Rebel Wilson Reveals Character Isn’t Romantic Wears Clothes Fashion Line | Daily Mail and Isn’t Romantic Trailer | Glamour

Rebel Wilson is very humble and comedic. She joined university where she first studied mathematics since she was very good at handling calculations. Rebel later changed courses and went to arts due to her great passion. After graduating from university Rebel joined the Rotary International Youth Ambassador Program. At one time during a visit to South Africa Rebel contracted Malaria. In her drug-induced state Rebel used to dream of winning an award. Her dream motivated her to join acting and pursue it as a career.

Rebel Wilson graduated from the Australian Theatre for Young People; this was the beginning of her acting career. At the start of her career Rebel never imagined comedy would be her thing. She ventured into acting knowing that she would get other roles that did not involve humour. As an Australian everyone expected her to be dramatic which quite the opposite was it. Rebel Wilson is among the very few comedic Australian’s.

Rebel Wilson has starred in several television films. Her major hit was her role in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy. The role earned plenty of awards. Most of the movies that Rebel has starred in are written and produced by her. Rebel is a very influential woman and is glad to be in a society where women are respected and seen as equals. She is and advocates for female rights.

Rebel Wilson joined Hollywood and is signed under William Morris Endeavour. She was readily incorporated into Hollywood due to her unique nature. She has starred in plenty of films as a Hollywood actress. Currently, Rebel is working on a romantic comedy to be released this year on February 13th. The movie features a young lady, Natalie who works in America as an Architect. Natalie is a timid girl from Australia who does not believe in the existence of romantic comedies.

One day on her way back home from work she gets attacked by muggers and on her attempts to escape she is hit on the head and suffers a concussion. Natalie wakes up in a world filled with romance. She tries to avoid her surroundings but has to find love and be happy to get back to her normal. The role Natalie is played by Rebel Wilson. She well fits into the role due to her origin and upbringing.

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Guilherme Paulus Gives People a Better Hotel Opportunity in Brazil

It’s easy for Guilherme Paulus to handle his hotel business because he spent a lot of time learning how to be an entrepreneur and what it would mean for his company. He also knew things would keep changing for the company because he spent so much time learning more about how to help people and how the company would look if he had a chance to do everything he wanted with it. It was also important for Guilherme Paulus to know what people wanted. If he saw what tourists in Brazil needed, he’d be able to make that a bigger part of his hotel chain while also encouraging the positive opportunities that come from his career. Even though Guilherme spent a lot of time learning about how to help people, he knew it would take some effort for the company to keep doing things the right way. As long as Guilherme felt good about giving back, he’d be making things easier for everyone who saw the opportunities he presented.

After Guilherme Paulus started working as the President of the Board of Advisors for CVC and GJP, he knew he had to make his company the best it could be. Since he stood behind it, he focused on what he could change and how he could make it better. He also spent a lot of time figuring out the best approaches for marketing and helping customers to have the best time possible. For years, Guilherme learned about the right way to run businesses and that led to his success in his new business. To know more about him click here.

One thing Guilherme likes is the ability to make things easier for his customers. He wants to always show them they have a chance to try different things. Guilherme Paulus is interested in technology in day-to-day life and spends a lot of time showing people how they can use technology to make themselves better. Since he spent some time working with IBM in the technology sector, he knows he can do that the right way and continue helping more people than other tour companies would be able to do.

Michael Phelps Promotes Talkspace

Michael Phelps is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is also the new spokesman for Talkspace. Michael Phelps would not appear to be the person you would associate with having anxiety or depression. He reveals that he has suffered so much that he considered taking his own life. There were days he did not leave his room. He is happy to now talk about how much help he has received and how it has saved his life.

Talkspace hopes to have that same effect. So far, over 1 million people have used Talkspace. Talkspace is a unique way for people to get mental healthcare. People who use the app can access mental health professionals. They can also use email, text, and video chats to communicate with a therapist. This type of therapy has been called e-therapy or distance therapy. Learn more about talkspace at

It is a cheaper way to talk to a professional than traditional therapy visits. It is also more convenient. People can use Talkspace’s service anywhere they can get to a phone or tablet. Talkspace’s founder, Oren Frank, saw that there was an issue in getting help to people who could not afford mental healthcare or lived in an area that did not offer it.

Talkspace has therapists who can discuss a wide variety of mental health issues. Talkspace also has a series of blogs and forums that connect people. They allow people to discuss some of the issues they are having with other people who may have experienced the same thing.

One of Oren Frank’s goals was to raise the awareness of mental health issues. Using Michael Phelps will be a big part of that process. When people see that even someone like Phelps has issues, it might be the first step in them getting the help that they need.

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An Overview of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a private equity company that majors in a couple of activities such as buyout, recapitalization, as well as turnaround situations. The firm prioritizes in investing in financial services especially consumer finance and loan servicing, infrastructure (transportation and energy), real estate, media and telecommunication, gaming, leisure, healthcare, and senior living. Besides, Fortress also invests in power generation equipment, energy, healthcare facilities, consumer discretionary, independent power and renewable electricity procedures. The firm also considers the investments in Northern America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean for private equity. It seeks to secure corporate ownership or control in distressed situations by working together with board or directors or committee creditor of the company. See more on Wikipedia.

Fortress Investment company consider having a majority stake in companies. The firm engages in the investment of distressed and undervalued assets as well as tangible and intangible assets such as capital assets, real estate, intellectual properties, and natural resources. The firm primarily offers its services to the individuals. It engages in the investment of fixed income, equity, currency, derivatives, and commodity market all across the world. Fortress also develops and manages real estate funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds. It develops control-oriented investments in the generation of cash flow, asset-based ventures and acquire assets or even make debt investments. The firm has various investment options such as distressed real estate loan acquisitions, and investment in real estate markets. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. It is situated in New York City.

Fortress has undergone incredible growth and development that has impressed other ventures. One business that stood out from others is Softbank. Softbank was ready to buy Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion USD. This decision only makes sense for a traditional financial firm or real estate. However, it’s less clear-cut for Masayoshi Son’s tech business. The vice president, as well as the senior analyst of at Moody Investments by the name Dean Ungar, stated that the acquisition initially looked like Softbank major department purchasing an old credit-focused private equity firm.

Fortress Investment Group will run in SoftBank independent with its headquarters in New York. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger will remain as the primary principals of the firm. Softbank is aimed at maintaining the leadership, brand, business model, personnel, the process as well as the culture that have enabled Fortress to rise to such success.

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Richard Qiuangdong, Taking the Online Shopping Industry by Surprise

During an interview at the World Economic Forum, David Rubenstein asked the founder of ‘If you order something does it come faster?’ (Referring to ordering online on The audience bursts with laughter and Richard Qiuangdong smiles and states ‘We treat all customers the same way, the best standards for everyone.’ This modest proclamation defines the entire company belief when it comes to excellent customer service to each and every customer that orders online. As CEO of Richard Liu makes sure, the company is blemish free, delivering high quality items, in a timely fashion, to all online shoppers. has over 300 million shoppers annually. It’s 2017 net worth was over $55 billion, with 80% of their customers ordering on mobile phones. As the largest online retailer in China, Richard Liu hopes that one day will be the largest in the internet retailer in the world. has over 500 warehouses, giving consumers the ability to order from millions of pieces of merchandise. The growing company has some of the hottest fashion available. Some of the most unique, upscale items are found on, which is why the number of annual customers are growing at a steady rate.

David Rubenstein, goes on to asks Richard Liu, ‘What are the most popular items sold on’ Richard Liu Qiangdong states that fashion and food are the best selling items’. makes sure that it’s clothing is the latest fashion. Catching the eye of people that have a keen interest in style, some name brand clothing include Banana Republic and Nike. is a global online retailer, delivering it’s merchandise anywhere in world. During the interview with Mr. Rubenstein, Richard Liu Qiangdong expains that delivering to London, New York, Washington etc, is no problem. He explains that will continue to grow, making ordering and delivery throughout the world easier and quicker.

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The Contribution of Nicholas Krafft in L’Oréal

L’Oréal is a company that produces beauty products that satisfy the needs and desires of its diverse customers. L’Oréal Paris held a second annual fashion and beauty show on 30th of September. The event took place on the French capital’s floating catwalk of the river Seine. Through the event, the brand was able to showcase its commitment to making beautiful, and fashion reachable to people through the world as well as present the new looks of the season.

L’Oréal Paris staged celebrity models including Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria, and Louise Bourgoin. Other famous individuals who are not in the fashion industry like actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldo (Jamie Lannister of Game of Thrones) showed up to in support of the mission of the brand. The Paralympic ski champion Marie Bochet was also in the runway and is the new brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris.

Plenty of effort was put into preparation for the show, with Val Garland, the Global Market Artist for L’Oréal Paris and Stephanie Lancien the Global Hair Artist creating 70 new looks in hair and makeup. The latest collections were paraded on the runway by models including Balmain, Sonia Rykiel, Miu Miu, and Isabel Marant. Putting up and taking down the unique floating catwalk took approximately eight days. The public was allowed access to the event. Passers-By could watch the occasion from the banks of the river Seine on the big screens strategically placed for free viewing. The show was broadcasted in various countries with the help of drones filming the event.

Bout Nicholas Krafft

Nicholas Krafft has made a tremendous contribution to the success of L’Oréal in the various positions he held at L’Oréal due to his years of experience in sales and marketing. Nicholas Krafft started as the Marketing Director Kerastase from December 2002 to August 2004. He then became the Marketing Director Asia from August 2004 to December 2008, later the General Manager from January 2009 to October 2011 and the Deputy General Manager Eastern Europe from June 2011 to December 2013. Nicholas Krafft is the VP Global Development at L’Oréal since January 2014.

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For Immigrants, America Was, Is and Always Will be Great

Xenia Vorotova was born in Izhevsk, a city in Russia. She was a small Jewish girl who thought that everything is possible in the United States. She mainly observed this from their music, movies, and different magazines. She began dreaming about living in the US, and her family moved to the US, 20 years ago when she was 17.

Their landing place was New York City. Ms. Deere, along with her mother and sister was very happy to make it to New York. In the year 1998, the population of New York was about 7.4 million whereas Izhevsk’s was only half a million populated. The sight of the city was not what she had imagined. The city was noisy and used to be jam-packed 24/7.

Doe Deere and the other two ladies were eager to work because they soon found out that the money saved by their mother by working as an accountant in Russia was not enough to run the expenses of the three of them. Her educational degrees and records were to be transferred from Russia whereas they were running out of money therefore to meet their basic expenses; she started working in people’s apartments and homes. She used to clean up the apartments whereas Xenia herself walked the dogs. The three of them found it very difficult to absorb. There were times when they felt devastated and thought about returning to home.

The three made best but since they were unable to meet their expenses, they were forced to live in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. The next three months were difficult. They used to have free food from local church every Thursday. The three worked hard.

In 1999 they were introduced to an NGO that aims at helping women from different countries who were in worse situations. This helped her mother land her very first job and helped Ms. Deere enter the Fashion Institution and the little sister in Columbia University. In 2000, they shifted to Lehman Projects which was quite luxurious. After some time, Xenia was able to be a successful woman.

José Auriemo Neto contributions to JHSF

José Auriemo Neto has been the Chief Executive Officer at JHSF since 2013, and he joined the organization in 1993. He is said to have found the services department within JHSF; he achieved this by the creating the parking lot company Parkbem in 1997. Other positions José Auriemo Neto has held within the organization include being a board member of the executive officers. He previously served also as the director of JHS participacoes since 2006.

JHSF under the leadership of José Auriemo Neto has been a leading investor in the property development sector in Brazil. The company has had an enormous interest in industries such as hotels, retail stores as well as shopping malls and residential buildings. José Auriemo Neto has been working with the company for almost two decades where he has been influential in negotiating deals such as fashion development with brands like Hermes, Choo, and Valentino. JHSF introduced fashion designs to the Brazilian market through large retailers such as Cidade Jardim.

JHSF has its headquarters in Sao Paulo, with other operations in Uruguay and the US, the company is estimated to be responsible for most estate projects in New York, Uruguay, Punta del Este where it developed itself into a brand name known as Las Piedras. The company is estimated to be worth $3 billion since the real estate sector is projected to be appreciated, the company is expected to grow its assets tremendously in future given the prominent position it holds in South America at the moment. With the resourceful nature of José Auriemo Neto, the company is set for a bright future regarding business growth. To know more about him click here.