What People Can Learn From Richard Liu

Richard Liu is responsible for the success seen by JD.com. He is the founder and CEO who help the company generate enough revenue for China to consider them the largest retailer. Liu influenced the growth of the country due to the reliability the company shows. It also helps JD.com offered authentic products to his customers. He made JD.com into the largest IPO offered on the NASDAQ in 2014. JD.com has help China see success regarding e-commerce. Liu shows the world some his knowledge regarding retail during the speeches he offers on a world forum. Liu has been able to share his perspective regarding the “internet of things,” and robotics. It would help the millions of customers served by JD.com.

Liu was a part of a list of the greatest leaders created by Fortune. Fortune would rank him 48th on the list. JD.com would become first internet company from China that would be named a Fortune 500 company.

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