Ted Bauman Lays Out Importance Of Retirement Planning

More than 80 years ago, FDR would enact one of the most important policies in the United States of America: Social Security. While this form of so-called ‘soft socialism’ has largely been a success to the country, allowing many folks to retire with comfort, the system itself is in legitimate trouble. Ted Bauman is a graduate from the University of Cape Town with a postgrad degree in Economics as well as History. Now an editor at Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman is working to spread the word about financial preparation, privacy, and strategies for low-risk investments. Right now, Bauman is particularly focused on helping people prepare for retirement with the demise of Social Security all but certain.

While Social Security has made a positive impact in the lives of many individuals, the system itself is preparing to buckle under its own strain. Ted Bauman points to a reduction in marriage, an increase in single workers in the workforce, and a reduction in the form of a living wage as huge reasons for Social Security’s struggles. While it sounds dire, Ted Bauman believes that the very program itself could be in legitimate trouble for dissolution by 20150 due to all of these factors and more. With Social Security possibly on the edge of vanishing forever, what will people do in order to prepare for retirement? That’s the question that Bauman tries to answer through his work as a writer.

As an author, Bauman feels compelled to show people information that they might not find in their conventional sources. In fact, this is a core philosophy that Bauman seeks to live by. Bauman believes in opening yourself up to as many different avenues of news and information as possible. After all, the only way to get around media bias and information censorship is to make sure that you’ve opened your ears as much as possible. While these are interesting conversations, Bauman admits that they can be tiresome or difficult for many people to focus on. For that reason, Bauman works around-the-clock in order to provide insightful, educational content relating to the economy, the international climate, and the rights of free men and women. Here’s How the Bull Market Dies

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