The Gifts of Maluf

Eucatex Group manufactures and distributes Eucalyptus-based building materials that are shipped to and used worldwide in a wide range of building projects. Eucatex opened the business in the early 1950s with a huge emphasis on environmental-friendliness. This was a rare ethic to be found in any business at that time. Today the still incredibly successful Eucatex is led by its CEO, Flavio Maluf. Besides his leadership of Eucatex, Maluf is also president of GrandFood Group. He first joined this family owned business in 1987. Connect with Flavio Maluf by visiting his linkedin account.

He slowly rose through the ranks of leadership before being made the president and CEO in 1997. He has had amazing leadership. Under him, Eucatex has become a multimillion dollar a year company. In addition, he has led it to establish export partnerships with over 40 other countries. He has involved it in creating a stadium for the World Cup and assisting in building for the Summer Olympics in Rio. Getting involved with the Summer Olympics preparation proved to be one of its smartest moves. As a result of the Rio project, the paint products of Eucatex has become a household name.

Maluf is not only passionate about business. He is also seriously committed to philanthropy. He often provides the needy in Salto County and Sao Paulo with the best in health care. In addition, he also donates needed items to area hospitals. His most common hospital recipient is Idlio Carli Hospital and Maternity. He also loves to blog to give advice to aspiring new entrepreneurs. He is also often a featured writer in various magazines through the international business world. As a result of this same international business community highly values him for his vast shared knowledge. And he is expected to continue his rise as one of its top leaders as he continues to build the business leaders of tomorrow.

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