Isabel Dos Santos Remains the Leader Of The Board Of Unitel

Good work is always rewarded, and Isabel dos Santos is not an exception. She has excellent leadership skills. She has led many companies to realize profit and advancement and even some of them were listed on the stock market as among the most advancing companies. She has been the leader of the board of director for Unitel, and her excellent work has made the voters to vote her in again

 The Background

She was born and raised in the royal family as her father is the former president of Angola who ruled from 1979 to 2017, Eduardo dos Santos. She loved education; therefore she excelled in her secondary education from Kent girls’ school and therefore secured a chance to study in the Kings College in London. She pursued electrical engineering and graduated. She later got a managerial work under her father’s governance. She impressed the management skill she got from the company and later started her companies besides buying shares from leading companies in the country.

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 Unitel leadership

Isabel dos Santos joined the telecoms to pursue her engineering career, and she, therefore, bought many shares in the telecom companies, and she also established other telecom companies. Ti was during these leadership moments that Isabel dos Santos was made the leader of the board of directors for Unitel Company. As the leader of this company, Isabel dos Santos has made sure that the company maximizes the profit as it cuts on the cost of operations. She has also improved on the quality of services the firm offers to its clients.

With all these achievements plus all she has done to the other companies under her leadership, she was re-elected to chair the board of directors without any opposition. She will, therefore, work with the newly elected officials as the current ones leave the office in May. She is believed to lead the company to achieve more and more goals for the benefit of all its stakeholders. Unitel aims to remain at the top of all the telecom companies in Angola and beyond and they believe she will attain that.

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