Marketing Expert Edwin Miranda Talks about Influencer Marketing

Edwin Miranda is a businessman who works in the digital marketing industry. He started his own company, KOI IXS, in 1994 and is the chief executive officer. His company uses technology to market brands such as predictive advertising and analytics. His company offers its clients a mix of innovation and creativity to drive their sales and increase revenues.

He was born in Puerto Rico. Edwin Miranda has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing that he earned in 1995 at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. The first few years of his career were spent in Puerto Rico as he worked for Natcom Global, Angelo Medina Entertainment, and iCrossing. He moved to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area in order to launch KOI IXS.

As Edwin Miranda has pointed out, millennials don’t watch regular TV and the commercials that are run on it. Today that is a poor way of getting your brand attention. He says this way of advertising has also been a part of the drop in trust of big brands. Instead, the companies that are successful are turning to marketing agencies and consulting firms that can get them access to influencer marketing and user-generated content.

Edwin Miranda explains that influencer marketing uses people with big social media presences in order to market goods and services. He points to Kendal Jenner as an influencer who will post about certain brands of make-up on her Instagram account. Influencer marketing is a way of advertising a product without it obviously being an ad.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria tourism to Puerto Rico plummeted. The tourism board there turned to Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS to get people to come back. Edwin Miranda turned to Puerto Rico’s most popular singer, Luis Fonsi, who is also an influencer. It was by incorporating Luis Fonsi into the marketing campaign that people once again started to visit Puerto Rico.

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