Vinod Gupta Understands How to Make a Great Investment

Everyone wants to have absolute certainty they are making a good investment. People have lost millions investing in the wrong things or doing things at incorrect times. The United State market is consistently changing. Vinod Gupta is someone who knows all about investing. He is the current manager at Everest Group. He understood from the beginning that it was important to look into investing as a long-term plan.

Vinod Gupta believed in what he was doing from the very start. He turned a one hundred dollar investment into six hundred eighty million dollar company. He did not do it simply for himself. He has helped to make the lives of people better. He has always believed in giving back to the community on every level.

Many people may look at Vinod Gupta’s success and not realize he came from very humble beginnings. He was born in Delhi, India, in a tiny village. The village did not have modern-day amenities like running water, television, electricity and transportation. He attended grade school and high school within his village. His family helped him get the opportunity to attend college.

He received a B. Tech degree from I.I.T. He was thrilled when he received a graduate assistantship from with his admission to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He received an engineering degree and a Masters in Business Administration. After graduating, he started marketing research analysis at a mobile home company.

He completed a list of mobile home companies all over the world. After seeing these kinds of lists were missing in the world, he created the American Business Lists. These compiled lists from databases and the Yellow Pages. He invested everything back into his business. Gupta’s company InfoUSA over three hundred million in sales. It was sold for over six hundred million. Vishod Gupta definitely displays what is possible.

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