Gustavo Martinez Highlights the Major Trends that will Change Marketing Techniques

Working with an experienced marketing expert is always a good thing to have in your business. You don’t only have the capacity to create a unique marketing message but you know how to address potential customers.

While speaking in one of the interviews, Martinez admitted that the marketing environment is changing so quickly. He noted that there are several factors affecting the marketing industry some of which he discussed as shown below.

According to Gustavo Martinez, marketing has drastically changed and is now much focused on customer experience. One would argue that marketing has always been about customer experience but that has never been so express as it is right now.

Most of the marketing messages are being structured in a way that they show how customers will have a wonderful experience while using various products and services. This means that marketers have to incorporate this aspect and make sure that they understand customer experience in details.

Data science is another major aspect that will be revolutionizing the world of marketing. Gustavo Martinez has been in the industry when data was not important in marketing. In fact, many marketing agencies did not have the knowledge and technology to collect data that can be analyzed for marketing purposes.

However, everything has changed and organizations are handling their marketing activities depending on the data collected. Martinez notes that using data in marketing is a very important aspect but it may not help organizations to succeed due to the fact that some entities lack sufficient resources to conduct data analysis. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Gustavo Martinez has also experienced the changes that social media platforms have brought to the marketing environment. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the major social platforms that are changing the marketing landscape.

Some of the aspects that have led to the increased number of social media marketing is that messages in these platforms reach a significant number of people. Current statistics show that more than 2.5 billion people around the world are using social media, which is a massive marketing population that every company would want to target.

Customization of marketing messages is becoming a key concept in marketing that other organizations around the world have to incorporate. Personalization techniques are being incorporated by marketers so that potential customers can have a feeling that they are the ones being addressed by the marketing messages.

Gustavo reckons that this is a key invention in marketing and it will increase sales to various companies. Martinez continues to indicate that organizations need to incorporate all the marketing trends available so that they can record maximum success.

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