Dick DeVos – Charter School Education and the Michigan Aviation Academy

Dick and Betsy DeVos are both wealthy individuals independent of each other. Their combined influence makes them a true power couple. The city of Grand Rapids wanted to build a multi-purpose sports and convention center north of downtown in 1991. At the time, Dick DeVos was heavily involved in his family’s Amway business. He was on path to become the company’s CEO. DeVos did not warm up to the idea of the sports-center and used his influence to lobby against it.


Dick DeVos remembers the detriment caused to the downtown areas of Pontiac and Auburn Hills when two professional sports teams left the city. Dick DeVos smartly decided to form a business committee called Grand Action. These are the business leaders who influenced the construction of the DeVos Palace Convention Center, the Grand Rapids City Market, and MSU’s new medical school. These projects have literally helped change the Grand Rapids skyline.


Dick DeVos has spent the better part of his life helping change the policies of institutions that matter to them. They have also been very active in donating to the GOP party and its many causes. They spend a great deal of effort in helping catalyze major changes in state laws that affect both education and labor.


One charter school project that is close to the heart of Dick DeVos is the Michigan Aviation Academy. The school is unique, and opened in 2010 with a great deal of encouragement from Betsy DeVos. Students can study aerospace engineering, engineering design and development, engineering ethics, computer science, mathematics, robotic systems, social studies, and two years of a world language. These are courses that are totally relevant to today’s industry needs.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are strong on charter school development, and have advocated for voucher programs for other areas of the country. Dick DeVos is also the President of the Windquest Group. The Windquest Group is a private investment firm. The firm prefers to work with businesses in clean-tech, manufacturing, and hospitality. The Windcrest Group formed in 1989, and runs bases operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick DeVos has been a man on the move his entire life, and shows no signs of slowing down.


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