Good Children Gone Bad and Rick Cofer Is On It

A juvenile court’s first responsibility is to mete out punishment that is based on correction and not just punishment for the sake of punishment. Let us take a case example. Supposing a child does something wrong and is grounded for three weeks by their parents. Then the child realizes his mistake, shows remorse, and promises to never repeat the same mistake again. If the parents take this willingness on the child’s part to change into consideration, they should naturally lessen the child’s sentence.

However, if despite the child’s protests, the parents remain adamant and follow through with their plan, their attitude is not objective. The child could decide to deteriorate and commit more serious offenses in the future. The same is also true for corporal punishment.

A popular belief around both secular and religious thinking indicates that the message is more towards the rod as an instrument of guidance and not of punishment. We understand this because children have not yet developed the capability to differentiate wrong from right. They are mostly shaped by their immediate environments and by the decisions that adults around them make. This creates mitigating circumstances, which are important in determining guilt or innocence in any juvenile court.

Another important thing is that once a child commits a serious crime such as a sex crime, the ripple effect is felt keenly by the adults involved. They bare the greatest responsible positions and are more deeply affected by the cause of a wayward child. Caution is great advice here.

The justice department has a number of options in the sentencing of a child who has been found guilty of sexual crimes. Firstly, it has to be decided whether it is necessary for the child to register as a sex offender or not. Then the child is faced with one of three possible sentences. Of course, criminal defense lawyers like Rick Cofer are indispensable in the court process.

Rick Cofer is a lawyer from Austin who has been in court representing all sorts of criminals from murderers to speed drivers. Rick Cofer is a felony, misdemeanor, and juvenile prosecutor who tries to do his best getting people’s lives back on track. Rick Cofer law has been successful in many of its trials and has thus made itself a good reputation.

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