Dick DeVos Put A Stop To A Business Deal In Grand Rapids, Michigan That Could Have Been Really Bad For The City

Dick DeVos is a man who is known for his skills in the business sector where he has made many profitable deals for Grand Rapids, Michigan. One of these deals took place years back when he worked hard to convince AirTran to offer services out of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He was able to do more than just convince the airline to come to Grand Rapids. He eventually talked AirTran into offering nonstop flights out of the airport.


It wasn’t long after Dick DeVos made this deal that AirTran was bought out by Southwest Airlines. This meant someone had to convince Southwest that it was worth it to continue to serve customers at the airport in Grand Rapids. Many leaders in the community had already failed to do so, but these leaders didn’t have the business sense that DeVos had. He decided to pitch a new deal to Southwest, and part of his pitch included a new story to help the airline company understand why it would be profitable to continue to offer flights out of the Gerald R. International Ford Airport. DeVos was eventually successful, and the airport has continued to bring in a large amount of revenue ever since.


Dick DeVos has also been around to help put a stop to various business deals that might have been detrimental to Grand Rapids in the past. In 1991, he saw right through a plan that was being considered in the city. The plan would have seen a multi-use sports arena and convention center built near the downtown region in Grand Rapids. DeVos knew this would be a bad idea because he had seen a similar idea fail in Detroit many years before when its sports teams left the city after the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills has been built.


Dick DeVos lobbied against the building of the arena and convention center, and during this time, he also helped to put together a group of business leaders from the region who cared deeply about the success of Grand Rapids. This group is named Grand Action, and it is still in existence today. Grand Action has benefited the city by taking part in the construction of many different buildings in Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos was born in Grand Rapids, and he has been a caretaker of the city for many years. He was responsible for the creation of The West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is located in a building in the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. He also worked hard to pass a law that made Michigan a right-to-work state instead of being a state where a citizen was forced to join a union in order to gain employment.


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