Jack Plotkin, Telehealth, and the Future of the Medical Field

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin has been studying the rise of telehealth for many years and believes it will soon become the future of medicine but there are still hurdles to overcome before that happens. For one thing, medical doctors and nurses have a difficult time being able to diagnose and treat these conditions without access to the medical records of their patients. Using wearable health trackers, you can monitor your vital signs and send the biometrics directly to the doctor’s office wirelessly but, without the medical records, it becomes difficult to connect family history to the current state of your condition. These types of gadgets come in a lot of different forms. Some of them are armbands or watches such as the Fitbit while others come as a pendant or a bracelet.

Jack PlotkinIt is especially distressing for the nurses who work at call centers as they need to have access to these electronic medical records in order to properly do their jobs. Of course, not all hope is lost as scientists are currently working on a new platform that could help rectify this situation. It is commonly known as Virtual Health and it seeks to unite the EMRs with the rest of the medical data doctors need to accurately diagnose and treat their patients. However, even if this new system does prove to be a success, Jack Plotkin then points out the fact that these procedures are still very expensive so they still have a long way to go before they become commonplace.

It should come as no surprise that neither Medicaid nor Medicare covers this type of procedure but all of the major insurance companies have also come out of the woodwork to say they won’t pay for it either. So, for now, it remains a privilege of the wealthy and elite. Telehealth was first established back in the early ’50s when they could only do the procedure over the phone. As you can imagine, the only thing the doctor would have to work with is the description given to them by the patient so it was nigh impossible to diagnose.

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