Showing the Potential of Women Under Smita Shah

The role of women in modern society has changed drastically in just the last few decades. It wasn’t that long ago when they were still limited to the house to perform tedious labor tasks. However, a series of campaigns and movements has forever reshaped the gender dynamic of the world. Women have been gaining an increasing number of opportunities to advance up into high level positions. Smita Shah is a women who took matters into her own age from a very young age. Her story is one of admiration of women seeking out someone to emulate. The website Premiere Gazette provides insight into her history and future path.


While many women choose to lay low and enjoy their youth, Smita Shah opted for a different route. In the article, she described how there was nothing more important to her than math. The ability for numbers to make logical sense when used in certain areas kept fascinating her young mind at every turn. Her parents and friends remained supportive of her interests all the way through school and into college. This was the period where self-investment began reaping reward. Her knowledge was a valuable asset to those around her, in addition to the high number of competitions she attended. However, there is a single moment that Smita Shah cites for changing her career course forever. It was the creation of SPAAN Tech, Inc. in 1998, as the industry was flipped on its head when a women joined the fight. Learn more:


Smita Shah recognizes that her case is rare, and many of peers were never given the courage to believe in themselves. In response, she has gone out of way to highlight women from all the world who have made a name for themselves. Smita Shah wants the younger generation to feel empowered, and that nothing unobtainable when you put your mind to it. In the article she discussions how there are 100 million examples for women to follow. The business industry is rough even to those who have been working for years, but Smita Shah has broken down the surest path to success.


The first step is simply taking a moment of self-reflection. She wants everyone to have a firm understanding of their personal capabilities, and build an image of the goal they are seeking. Once this phase is complete, then an individual should feel better about working on the assignments before them. Developing a reputation of speed and accuracy will soon result in greater reliance by co-workers. Advancement up the industry is usually linked to who you know and the depth of connections. Lastly, Smita Shah wants all women to understand that success is all about the level of effort invested.

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