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Isabel Dos Santos Explains How Empowering Women Would Unleash Africa’s Potential

While Isabel dos Santos was born in Eastern Europe and spent her youth in the United Kingdom she is Angolan. After completing her studies at King’s College, London, she made her way back to Angola in order to establish her professional career. She has since become one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, male or female. She has an estimated worth of $3.6 billion and has found success in multiple industries. Her greatest success was establishing and leading a telecommunications company, Unitel. This company provides communication services to people across Angola. She has also been in management positions in other industries such as finance, entertainment, construction, and energy.

Isabel dos Santos invests in companies in Angola and also in Portugal, the nation that historically had a huge impact on Angola. Isabel dos Santos has faced many challenges as a powerful woman working in Angola. While it’s true pretty much throughout the world, in Angola women have a really hard time when it comes to working for a living. Women are expected to stay at home, take care of kids and their husband, and otherwise be disengaged. Isabel dos says that women don’t have to stand for this treatment. This sexist attitude is also holding back not just Angola but all of Africa in what it could become. About half the population doesn’t get to contribute to growing the economy never mind creating new businesses.

She has long aimed to change this dynamic. She has spoken around the world about how to help Africa’s economies including before the United Nations and the European Parliament. She shares how women are the key to growing Africa’s agricultural industry and other opportunities. She tells women that they do have opportunities to create businesses and be self-reliant. Additionally, she says that technology and education can transform Africa into a prosperous continent. Investment in telecommunications would mean that far more people would have internet access. This would lead to the creation of new job and best business opportunities. Couple this with educating people about technology and you have a continent of mostly poor people that would finally have a way to thrive.

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OSI Group One Of The Leaders In The Food Production Industry

OSI Group is one of the biggest and well-known food supply companies in the world. OSI Group is also one of the largest privately-owned companies in America. The company also has a total of 65 facilities in 17 different countries. The company has evolved from humble beginnings and was founded in Oak Park, Illinois by a German immigrant by the name of Otto Kolschowsky. It was a small family owned market and the family’s hard work and dedication grew the company into one of the largest in the world. The president of OSI is a gentleman by the name of David McDonald and the chairman and chief executive officer of the company is Sheldon Lavin. These two gentlemen are currently leaders of the company.

In 1955 OSI Group formed one of its biggest partnerships to date and this partnership helped to catapult the company’s growth. This partnership was with McDonald’s and OSI supplied the beef for McDonald’s from the beginning, which was the opening of its first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. As of to date OSI has acquired a company by the name of Rose Packing. OSI is very excited about the acquisition because it will have strong potential for significant growth for the company. Rose Packing is currently one of the leaders when it comes to producing pork products for some of the leading food service and retail chains. Just like the OSI Group Rose Packing is family owned. The president of OSI will let the Chief Executive Officer Mr. Dwight Stiehl and his management team remain in place so Rose Packing can continue to run smoothly.

The two companies have the exact same company culture when it comes to dedication to excellence and building strong business relationships. The acquisition opens OSI up to new processing capabilities and the companies are on the same page when it comes to providing customers with innovative and unique solutions. The companies also have one last thing in common they both have a deep-rooted history with the city of Chicago. Click here to learn more


Ara Chackerian Is An Entrepreneur And An Angel Investor.

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who knows how to pick out companies to invest in that fit his philosophies and other qualities and characteristics when it comes to investing. Chackerian has used his liquidity as well as his assets for many different development projects, both large and small.

By financially backing many ventures, Ara Chackerian helped to provide key benefits to all of those who are involved in those projects that people like Chackerian directly supports. Indeed, one such company that he co-founded called Limonapa Teak SA has focused on helping the cause for sustainability in South America. Indeed, causes that focus on environmentalism and sustainability are big issues for people like Ara Chackerian.

Limonapa Teak was a firm that Ara Chackerian infused money in since he was interested in making sure that he and others leave earth in much better shape than how he initially found it. Limonapa Teak is a company that sells teak wood with a big focus on sustainability. Ara Chackerian’s company is also located in Nicaragua. The region that its called is Chinandega.

Limonapa Teak uses one thousand acres, which was designated for the grazing cattle that were once there. Indeed, grazing cattle have had a negative effect due to harmful practices and mismanagement in areas of Nicaragua like Chinandega.

Chackerian, along with a plethora of other industry leaders, work hard for finding solutions to lessen the harm as well as the burden placed on the earth due to many factors.

One of these industries, the forestry sector, has had many adverse effects due to many deficient practices, which have included burning and slashing parts of the environment. Latin America has faced lots of harmful effects and Ara Chackerian and the company Ara co-founded, Limonapa Teak has been focused on reducing adverse effects on the environment.

Chackerian is a smart entrepreneur who has worked with other members of the team at Limnoapa to implement best practices concerning the timber industry.

The Career Journey Of Isabel Santos

Isabel dos Santos is recognized as one of the richest women in Africa. Dos Santos is a great entrepreneur who advocates for entrepreneurship in Africa as well as economic growth. Isabel dos Santos is the daughter of the former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos who has been ruling from 1979 to 2017. Isabel studied at king’s college where she graduated with a degree in electrical engineering.

Isabel dos Santos has worked for more than two decades with different companies where she held top management positions. In 2017 after her father stepped down, he made her the chairwoman of Sonangol, which is an oil company in Angola. As a businesswoman, Isabel  dos Santos formed several partnerships and business connections with companies and banks in Angola. Some of the companies Isabel worked with included the Cable TV firm, telecom firm among others (Economist).

As a businesswoman, Isabel dos Santos has worked in different business industries such as entertainment, construction, finance as well as education. Isabel dos Santos is a great private investor and an independent businesswoman with diverse business skills. Today she is the chairwoman of UNITEL, which is one of the greatest telecommunication firm located in Angola. Her role in UNITEL enabled her to improve the telecommunications infrastructure in her country, Angola. Also, UNITEL together with Isabel created a job for Angolan people as well as improve communication in both rural and urban parts of Angola. Today Isabel do Santos encourages women in Africa to become entrepreneurs so as to develop the economy in Africa. According to Isabel, women should be given equal opportunities when it comes to business. During an interview, Isabel was asked about some of the business opportunities that are available for Africans, and she said that there is agriculture, tourism, minerals as well as manufacturing.

Isabel also advises women who are starting their business to follow their ambition and passion as well as remain focused. Apart from career Isabel is also committed to giving back to her community and supports a children hospital in Angola that works to fight malaria. She handles different campaigns against malaria through the continent. Also ensures that there are clean water and enough food for the needy families in her community. Isabel is successful today to her hard work and commitment to developing the economy in Africa.
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Richard Liu Qiangdong Discusses Expansion Goals at World Economic Forum

Richard Liu Qiangdong is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. He is the founder and chief executive officer of the retail company JD. At the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu talked about his business. When talking about his business, Richard discussed his intention to expand the company’s shipping routes. He plans on offering shipping to major cities in the United States and the United Kingdom. Richard hopes to establish shipping routes to cities such as Washington DC and London. Along with discussing the shipping route expansion, Richard also discussed how his company JD got started.

During his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong has founded three businesses. His first business was a restaurant that he founded while still attending college. This restaurant was a moderately successful business that he eventually shut down. The second business he started was a magneto optics retail shop. While it was successful during its first year of operation, it was forced to shut down due to a SARS outbreak. As an entrepreneur in the retail industry, Richard Liu realized that offering ecommerce was critical to long term success. As a result, he founded JD which emphasized ecommerce and innovation to meet consumer needs. JD became his most successful business as it has emerged as the largest retail company in China.

Before starting up businesses, Richard Liu Qiangdong worked in the technology sector. He learned computer programming while he was in college. This allowed him to develop the skills necessary to get good employment opportunities. For a number of years, he was working in the computer programming field for various companies. This would lead to him attaining a position as a technology executive at the company Japan Life. His successful career in technology enabled him to gain the leadership skill necessary that would help him succeed as an entrepreneur in the future. Prior to starting his career, Richard Liu Qiangdong attended college and business school. He went to one of the best universities in China to learn sociology. Richard Liu completed an undergraduate degree program in sociology. After completing the degree in sociology, Richard would then attend business school at a leading international educational institution. This gave him the educational foundation to pursue opportunities as an executive.

Businessman Vijay Eswaran Explains The Problem With Tariffs

Vijay Eswaran is a Malaysian businessman who has an estimated net worth of $500 million. He founded QI Group of Companies in 1998 which is a conglomerate that sells products and services through a network of independent distributors. His company has about $750 million in annual revenues and it active throughout most of Southeast Asia, India, and North Africa. He was born in Penang on October 7th, 1960 with his father being in the nonprofit industry and his mother a school teacher.

It was when he was attending Southern Illinois University to earn his MBA that he became engrossed in selling products and services through a distributed network of independent distributors. When he returned to Malaysia upon graduation he was recruited by Cosway Group who wanted to start doing business in that country using the multilevel marketing way of doing business.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken out against Trump’s tariffs on China. He says that while Donald Trump has said that it is China that is bearing the brunt of the tariffs that really isn’t actually what is happening. It’s actually hurting American companies and American consumers because they are the ones that pay for the tariffs, not China or Chinese companies.

It is importers that pay tariffs, not the country that is exporting products. This means that it is Apple, for example, that has to pay a 25 percent tariff when their iPhones produced in China are imported into America. They pass this cost onto consumers which can result in a massive slowdown in consumer spending leading to a recession. This is the reason that putting tariffs in place was dropped around the world decades ago because any country doing so hurts their own economy and citizens.

Vijay Eswaran says that this especially hurts small businesses who have to deal with importing costs that are dramatically escalating.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Well Known Name In The E-commerce Industry

The online market and retail sector have been experiencing an incredible amount of growth over the past few years, and people are now turning to this as the preferred manner in which they shop. With this growth, the companies that are the preferred choices have grown beyond measure, especially because of the global nature of these websites. One website that has grown to become one of the more well-regarded names in the online marketplace industry is is already one of the prominent names in this sector internationally and stands as the biggest online marketplace in the south Asian markets.

The company is led by Richard Liu Qiangdong who is regarded as an incredibly proficient name in the field of business. Richard Liu has always been someone who wanted to achieve great things in life. Since a young age, he decided that hard work was what he needed to put in in order to become a successful person at something that he could be proud of. His parents worked as coal miners and taught him the strong values of hard work and dedication from an early age. This upbringing made him want to try even harder to make his parents proud. When in college, Richard Liu knew how competitive the corporate world was. He knew that there would be thousands of people battling it out for the jobs that he had, and was something that he would have to work even harder for.

To give himself an edge, he decided to learn how to code, which was what helped him maneuver around in the tech industry later on. Richard Liu always wanted to run a business of his own and took the decision to open up a store that sold genuine products. Because of the sheer amount of duplicates and fakes in the Chinese markets, finding genuine products can be hard. Richard Liu aimed to deliver this so that his customers could be happy with the products that they were buying. However, the SARS outbreak of 2002 made Richard Liu think about the prospect of taking his online business and establishing a website through which people could buy the products that the business was offering. This ultimately led him to establish, a notable name within the e-commerce industry.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Opens New NYC Clinic Offering Laser Hair Removal

Skintology Medspa is a New York City company that offers men and women the opportunity to have a laser hair procedure performed on them. It was founded by Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a board-certified plastic surgeon. She and her staff work closely with people in order to decide which treatment is best. Women usually want to remove hair they don’t want from their chin, upper lip, underarms, and legs. Men typically want to remove hair from their back or chest. It is both the laser light and energy that removes hair from where it isn’t wanted. People get tired of always needing to shave, wax, or spread cream on their skin.

Laser hair removal can permanently remove hair. How laser hair removal works is that it zaps hair follicles when they are growing. It prevents the follicle from creating more hair. It takes several treatment sessions, each a few weeks apart, to complete the therapy. Over time the patient will see less and less hair in the area that is being treated. It used to be that lasers only worked on dark hair on light skin. Technology has advanced enough that people with all hair colors and skin colors can be treated. People that want their unwanted hair removed can contact Skintology Medspa at (212) 832-2225.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ASAPS). She also serves the American Society for Plastic Surgery as one of their board members. Additionally, she serves at ASAPS as the commissioner of communication, managing all of their official communications. Five years ago, she was named as a Texas Super Doctor. Dr. Jennifer Walden received national recognition when Castle Connelly named her as a Top Doctor in 2016. She spent eight years in New York City and worked at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital MEETH). where she was an attending surgeon in plastic surgery. She also worked at Lenox Hill Hospital as an attending surgeon.

Stream Energy: Their Commitment to Doing Good

Stream Energy, a multilevel marketing company in energy, was recently featured on for the many successful philanthropy efforts they’ve been doing. Hurricane Harvey left a lot of people in difficult and even traumatic positions, loosing the lives of loved ones–including pets–their possessions and homes. Efforts to help the many suffering victims were slim and conditions seemed helpless, until the Dallas based company stepped in. Donating the money earned from sales, Stream Energy not only helped their own customers financially, but they helped fund the entire recovery project. Obviously, Stream Energy is more than just an energy corporation, they are also philanthropists of the corporate world. In addition, the company recently launched their newest charity foundation, “Stream Cares,” helping people in need, not only in Texas, but throughout the country.

Statistically, American corporations are quite giving to charities and causes around the world, as it is a great PR boost, especially when they need it. However, Stream Energy proves to have a strong track record of giving that exceeds that of many companies, keeping long-term relationships with Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and even advocating to help homelessness. As the article on states, Stream partnered with Hope Supply Co. and “covered entrance and meal costs for over 1,000 North Texas homeless children at the annual Splash for Hope.” This event brings these children to a local water park and delivers them supplies, money and an experience of a lifetime. And yet, the company’s long time commitment of giving back doesn’t end there. In 2016, when a series of tornadoes hit North Texas, Stream rapidly fled to help. Stream also cares for veterans and their families, and through working with Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream supports Dallas-area veterans in many different ways. And, this still has yet to cover all the unique kinds of philanthropy work Stream Energy has been committed to doing, because for the people at Stream, “philanthropy is just another day at the office.

James Dondero’s Astounding Dedication to Improve the Dallas Community

James Dondero is a prominent entrepreneur and philanthropist, who strives to influence positive changes in Dallas, Texas. He is the co-founder and principal of Highland Capital Management and under his business acumen, Highland Capital Management has expanded into a multibillion-dollar global asset manager. Because of his zeal and passion to improve Dallas, he ensured that his businesses deliver great strategic improvements in the Dallas community. James Dondero is the epitome of an entrepreneur who has efficiently applied his entrepreneurship acumen to charity. His charitable efforts, as a result, have acquired immense successful outcomes for a wide range of organizations in Dallas. The vision of Highland Capital Management together with huge financial contributions has formed a strong and positive power in the Dallas community. Read more about James Dondero at

Being the chair and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero ensured that his company included incorporated charitable donations in its core from the very beginning. With his business mindset, he has strived to use his foundation to bring about tangible impacts and far-reaching improvements in the Dallas community. James Dondero remarked that at Highland Capital Management, it is important to invest in the community through techniques that advance Dallas in special and influential ways. James Dondero has resided in Dallas since 1994 when together with his partner Mark Okada moved the firm’s headquarters from Los Angeles. He speedily adopted the city as his own home and established roots in both entrepreneurship and philanthropic activities. Visit to know more about him.

James Dondero has financed many charity organizations including The Family Place, Education Is Freedom, The Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and many others. One of the recent James Dondero’s philanthropic endeavors was the big donation that he made towards the newest Dalla Zoo’s exhibitions. The zoo had been closed following the death of an old hippo named papa. The zoo was shut down for almost two decades and its management efforts to renovate the place were unfruitful because of lack of funds. The philanthropist stepped in and donated funds that would enable renovation of the Dallas Zoo. Thanks to his generous contribution, families, and visitors can now visit Dallas zoo to watch the intriguing stunts of the cherished hippos.