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Brazil’s Export Performance Strongly Defended By Flavio Maluf

On July 13, the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply revealed the results of the report on exports of Brazilian agribusiness for the month of June. Flavio Maluf, president of Eucatex stated that the report showed a decrease of 0.7% compared to the same time the previous year.

As both the CEO of a family owned and operated global conglomerate and the son of a prominent Brazilian government official, Maluf knows a thing or two about governmental reports. While some might see the downturn as cause for alarm, Maluf seemed to put a very different spin on things. Maluf took pains to point out that soybeans account for more than 50% of Brazilian agribusiness exports and agribusiness exports alone account for more than 45% of Brazil’s total exports. Read more about Flavio Maluf on Crunchbase

In the first half of 2018 alone, Brazil exported more than 46.27 tons of the grain which generated revenues of US $18.43 billion. In a survey conducted by the Brazilian Supply Company (Conab), they estimated that soybean production would reach 119 million tons, with a total of 72 million tons going towards exports. That amount would exceed last year’s volume by 5.6%. Compared to the first half of 2017, Brazil has increased their export yield by 5.2% and reaped a 10.6% increase in value, which resulted in an overall average price increase of 5.1%.

Agribusiness in Brazil encompasses small, medium and large producers whose efforts are largely coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply. Through efforts geared towards creating both sustainable development and competitiveness, the aim of the ministry is to provide food security for the country’s own citizens as well to create a surplus for export. The overall aim of the ministry is to stimulate the national productive sector to eventually make Brazil a global force in the international economy.



Logan Stout uses his Expertise to Help Others Become Successful Leaders Within Their Chosen Fields

Many people might recognize the name Logan Stout as the founder and CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball organization. He is also the founder and CEO of the Premier Baseball Academy, which is scheduled to be the designated location for baseball training classes. Since Mr. Stout has an extensive background in the field of baseball as a professional athlete, it comes as no surprise that he would choose to use his skills to help other like-minded individuals. In fact, his mentoring skills are so well known he is often asked to speak at many events including banquets, business seminars and even camps.

Although Logan Stout has taken many steps toward preparing today’s youth for the game of professional baseball, he has also used both his athletic knowledge and business savvy to create a new company called IDLife. This company focuses on helping people live healthier lives by providing them with better alternatives for heath and nutrition. His new company was launched in 2014 as one that not only offered health conscious individuals customized vitamin plans, but one that also offered direct sales opportunities to people looking to live their dream.

Logan Stout is often described as someone who has a passion for helping others. It is this same passion that led him to publish his own motivational book. The goal of the book was to help inspire and empower people in a way that would enable them to create whatever type of success they wanted for themselves. He also works as a motivational speaker to help bring leadership training to people all over the world.

As a business entrepreneur, husband and father of two, Logan Stout is often asked about his typical day. He personally uses the products available from his company IDLife, so he starts his day with a morning shake, vitamins and an energy drink. Before dropping his boys off at school and heading for the office, he makes time to read several inspirational articles that include the morning’s newspaper, a daily devotional and articles about personal development. He also makes a point of working out every day and spending dinner time with his family.

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Striving for the Top of Entrepreneurship — Jose Hawilla

Those people that stay open usually learn lessons that are needed for prospering in entrepreneurship. They learn the worth of their labor. They learn what it means that to struggle against obstacles. They learn what it takes to build themselves and become self-made. Entrepreneurs will face these obstacles. They’ll learn the valuable lessons of becoming self-sufficient. The entrepreneurs that build themselves to the highest degree can usually face the duty of teaching others. They’ll tell you that it takes grit to become a businessperson. Education can facilitate success; however, labor is usually valued quite high above education. Many times, the entrepreneurs are those who did it on their own. They failed to concentrate on any one trade or learn their skills in organized institutions. The poor kid who grew up in the city is the one that becomes the multi-millionaire. This can be the common success story concerning entrepreneurship.

The talent of efficient labor isn’t a talent that may be tutored. It’s a talent that has to be engineered through long hours. The labor should be engineered over long periods of your time on onerous days and nights. The nights that you spend acting out your dreams are the times that will pay off. Fate does not act at random. Instead, fate favors those who have prepared, and favors those who are ready. It’s an intense calling, becoming an entrepreneur. A businessperson should use focus with their labor. There are twenty four hours in a day; therefore, the hours that you spend laboring should be spent at the only task that may accomplish your goal. That goal is beginning your own business. Check out globo to know more.

Jose Hawilla is a good example of a person who worked onerously at his dream. His goal was to make an organization that could support the football business. Many folks failed to see how Jose Hawilla could succeed. He grew up in Brazil. Jose had to figure out life on a daily basis, and he struggled by himself before he achieved his goal. Jose Hawilla is an example of what labor and focus will do for those desire to become entrepreneurs.

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Eric Lefkofsky Transitions from Daily Deals to Curing Cancer

Most tech entrepreneurs would do one of two things after earning nearly 2 billion dollars in less than 20 years. They would either expand their horizons and partner with bigger earning companies or rest on their laurels in a very comfortable early retirement. Eric Lefkofsky chose none of the above. He decided to leave the mega wealth building tech world for a more philanthropist inspired project. Battling, treating and curing cancer.

With a career that began with rapid success. Lefkofsky is redirecting his talents and brilliance toward a noble cause. One of three children of Jewish descent, he grew up in humble Southfield, Michigan and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991 with honors and then went on to receive his juris doctorate from U of M in 1993.

After launching several successful internet start ups, the first of which he and a college friend began shortly after graduation. Over the next 15 years Lefkofsky was at the forefront of many successful tech ventures before launching in 2007, the name was changed in 2008 to Groupon and within 2 years was the fastest growing company in history as reported by Forbes. In 2010 Google offered 6 billion dollars to buy out Groupon but the offer was declined.

Eric Lefkofsky served as CEO of Groupon from August 2013 until November 2015. In 2016 he began focusing his efforts into building Tempus, a tech company building an operational system aimed at battling cancer.

An innovative company with an aggressive approach of providing database services solely for cancer research and analysis. The purpose of which is to provide doctors with a resource of data in which they can compare afflicted patients DNA allowing them the information to assist in individualizing the best therapy possible.

This amazing new medical resource will aid doctors in the ability to prolong cancer patients lives and provides promise to potentially even cure cancer in some cases. Lefkofsky knows from his many years of success in the technology industry that innovation is progressing at an amazing pace but the medical field did not seem to be keeping up or benefiting at that same pace. So he decided to do what most successful entrepreneurs do, fill a need and improve an outdated process.

With Tempus in full operation, doctors can now take the mountains of data they collect and utilize Eric’s technology to analyze and progress from such data.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Man of Vision

Eric Lefkofsky is a widely know Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. He has founded several different companies, a lot of which have bettered many communities around the world. Some of the companies he has founded are Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics and inner workings to name a few. One of the reasons he is such a good Entrepreneur is the education that he had. He graduated from the university of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School.


Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus which is a Technological Company. Tempus is a Assistant program to help doctors and nurses to give better care to their cancer patients through a platform that combines interactive analytical data through machine learning. The ultimate goal for the program is to gather data based on previous patients to create a more successful chance at remission.


Eric Lefkofsky is alco a Co-founder and Company chairman of Groupon. Groupon is an internet based program used to bring people around the world together by many different means. Some of the these means are identifying deals or bargains from many companies and spreading them to people around the world. Some of these deals can be used for traveling or other opportunities in the community.


Another company that Eric Lefkofsky is Co-founder of is Echo Global Logistics. The main purpose of Echo Global Logistics is to enable shipping smoother and easier so that products get to where they need to be in a timely manner. The company uses a more technological approach in order to get this accomplished.  Check


Eric Lefkofsky has also taken an interest in Accelerated Disruption and is the author of the book to which everything will be explained. Accelerated disruption is when a company doesn’t capitalize on every aspect of the company and loses the edge that they may have once had. These companies tend to fall and crumble in the face of adversity.


As a Philanthropist, Eric and his wife Elizabeth created a Family Foundation which sole purpose is to make life easier for those who don’t have things easy. This deals with medical attention to third world countries as well as the communities here in the United States. The couple also have their hands in several other programs but they primarily concentrate on children.  Based on


Eric Lefkofsky is a man of vision because he cares and because he does everything he can do to do the right thing. Joined by his wife Elizabeth who gives him the encouragement to strive forward and not let the people who need him down.

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Brian Bonar Is Honored For His Professional Excellence In The Financial Sector

In a recently concluded ceremony, Brian Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year. Inclusion of one’s name in this registry is considered a great honor. Because of its value and reputation, only two female and male members can be named as executives of the year in each discipline.

These special honorees are selected based on their ability to lead, academic success and professional accomplishments. Brian has amassed almost 30 years as a professional executive in the financial sector. This way, he is qualified and competent to undertake operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Here, Brian has served as the CEO and chairman for more than 10 years. His positions make him responsible for selection of employees as well as aftermarket products and employer benefits. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Over the years, the corporation has served as the marketing liaison by providing its clients with various employee programs that are designed to enhance efficiency of their businesses.

These programs include risk management insurance, business management and promotional services, employee benefits and financial management. The risk management insurance comprises of business liability and workers compensation services.

Brian Bonar is affiliated with the American Finance Association. He also works at Smart-Tek Automated Services as the CEO and chairman.

According to Spokeo and Bloomberg, Brian is an alumnus of Strathclyde University where he graduated with an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. He is an alumnus of Stafford University where he earned his PhD in international business development studies. Brian also has a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). Brian holds the title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, which is an honorary designation.

In 2000, Brian Bonar worked at Allegiant Professional Businesses Services as a director. He joined The Solvis Group as a director. Brian has also been a director of Warning Management Services, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego, Alliance National Insurance Company and American Marine LLC. Brian has worked at Smart Tek Automated Services, IBM and QMS. He has sat in the boards of Greenland Corporation and Amanda Corporation.
At Trucept, Brian has been the CEO and chairman.

He has worked as the chief financial officer of the firm. For 2 years, Brian was the president of Tradeshow Products Company. He has also been the CEO and executive chairman of Dalrada Corporation. Brian has amassed more than 18 years with IBM.

At IBM, Brian Bonar gained immense knowledge of the European, Asian and the United State’s markets. In the United Kingdom and the United States, Brian has accumulated over 20 years experience in dealing with high growth companies in both public and private sectors.

Between 2007 and 2009, Brian was engaged in the affairs of his firm, AMS Outsourcing. This firm focused on the transportation. Through Bonar’s efforts, it established an international presence in Mexico and Czech Republic.