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Doe Deere’s Colorful Path To Success

Doe Deere has always been a colorful character and since childhood has wanted to explore a career in fashion and makeup. Doe has become extremely popular in the world of makeup, and is even tapped up by major trend setters like Teen Vogue, for her fashion advice. She said that she always had something to color with or create some sort of colorful art with when she was young. Her artistic streak really paid off in the long run. She is now one of the most successful figures in the makeup industry right now.

GaloreMag exposed how Doe is a self-made entrepreneur and has clawed her way to the top by sticking to her philosophies and chasing her dreams. She said that growing up in Russia she would encourage her friend to be colorful and they would play dress up with funky fashion and bright colored makeup. As she got a bit older she moved to the United States. She became part of the music scene in New York and that gave her an outlet to experiment with her fashion and makeup further. She began to make makeup videos even though her technique was not yet perfected, her fans really enjoyed her videos and she became and internet sensation. She became so popular that she realized that in order to keep her creativity and diversity that she would have to start creating her own makeup. She was having a hard time finding colorful makeup that would suit her needs. Many other people were also having the same issue. She created her own makeup line and named it Lime Crime after her favorite color. She was not aware that her makeup line would become so successful but she was not about to rename the makeup because she had already created a brand identity.

Lime Crime is now one of the most popular types of makeup available on the market today. She has created a brand that features bright and bold colors that her fans just can’t get enough of. Lime Crime cosmetics are very socially conscious and are cruelty-free and dermatologist tested. Even though the company is mostly focused on internet-based sales some brick and mortar stores have begun carrying their cosmetics. The company has enjoyed great success and have developed a cult following. They have recently come out with a liquid lip color line called Velvetines that people everywhere are giving rave reviews.