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Edwin Miranda’s Extraordinary Marketing Skills

Edwin Miranda’s Extraordinary Marketing Skills

Edwin Miranda is an esteemed marketer who owns KOI IXS. He is also the CEO of the agency. KOI IXS is a top marketing agency based in Puerto Rico, San Juan, and Miami. The agency is performance-driven to assist global brands in achieving a massive market share, gain new customers and create important client engagement. Edwin is invested in performance marketing to help his clients succeed in the current disarrayed market. He is always focused on keeping up with the trends and embracing the future of marketing. It helps the agency remain updated to provide their clients with efficient current marketing solutions.

Edwin Miranda works with a group of talented and passionate strategists, thinkers, designers and inventors at KOI. Passion is the key ingredient of the agency’s successful journey. Edwin started KOI IXS when he was 21 years of age. The leading marketing agency in Puerto Rico began as Edwin’s vision at that young age. With the desire and passion to succeed, the idea transformed into Miranda’s current reality. Edwin brings together the team’s talents to come up with exceptional marketing solutions for the customers. The marketing realm is extensive, and a single individual cannot effectively maneuver all the different platforms. Edwin can navigate the different marketing platforms and come up with effective strategies because of his team’s talents and efforts.

Edwin Miranda is exhilarated with new marketing trends and the main one is Attribution and Predictive Marketing. Edwin enjoys the emerging technologies in the marketing world. He finds past techniques inadequate since it was hard to measure the outcome then. Currently, it is possible to predict and attribute sales and results with the new technological trends. Edwin Miranda is able to satisfy his clients because he is always ready to learn new patterns and integrate them into the business.

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Serge Belamant- the founder of Zilch Technologies

Serge Belamant is known to many as the patent holder of the blockchain technology industry. He was born in France, but his family moved to South Africa when he was 14 years old. He attended Witwatersrand University where he took her degree in computer sciences and technology. He joined the workforce at the age of 22 and had the opportunity of working with many companies in diverse industries. He possessed advanced coding skills which enabled him to program financial transaction software. Due to his unique abilities, he became very prominent in the financial industry, a factor that propelled him further into popularity. View Serge Belamant’s profile at Linkedin.

Serge Belamant founded Net1 UEPS Technologies in 1989. This is a company through which he managed to develop various universal electronic payment systems. In 1995 he was hired by VISA to design the chip-enabled credit and debit cards that we use today. He was also involved in the digitization of a payment system that was used to transfer welfare funds to remote parts of South Africa.

Recently, such an element founded Zilch Technologiess, a firm that will help the young generation to understand how to make better financial decisions.

Zilch Technologies was created after a chat he had with his son Philip who is an IT engineer. They concluded that many social media users do not have the requisite knowledge of financial matters. He decided that he would come up with a product that would avail financial information to social media users directly through mobile phones.

Serge Belamant relates his success to his approach to work. He believes that in order to earn money, he must first create a superior product that customers will find indispensable. Once you create a product that customers will love, money will follow, and you will not have to go looking for it. Every time he is making an invention, he takes time to build something that will be useful not only today but in the future.

Serge Belamant reckons that many companies are taking time to build products that take long before they can start earning profits. However, if the product is superior, it will ultimately become profitable.



Oren Frank Joins the Talkspace Family

The online therapy platform has made efforts to improve customer service and streamline their operations. In early 2018, Talkspace welcomed Neil Leibowitz into its workforce as the chief medical officer. The business executive previously worked with another health organization called UnitedHealth. According to the therapy company, the aim of hiring the officer was to help in expanding its business portfolio and to allow patients to get prescriptions during online therapy sessions. The CEO of Talkspace was interviewed last year to talk about various issues at the firm and the responsibilities of the chief medical officer. Read more about Oren Frank at

The organization’s annual revenue has increased significantly with time and currently stands at tens of millions of dollars. The income can be attributed to the increase in the number of clients. According to the chief medical officer, one million people rely on Talkspace for mental health services. One of the ways that the company uses to provide medical help is video chats. Talkspace has two payment plans to suit the needs of different clients. If an individual wishes to contact therapists at the company via text messaging, they are required to pay $49 weekly. For those who prefer the online platform, a fee of $79 is applicable.

Oren Frank shares tweets regularly about mental health. One of the articles that he shared was about depression among teens in the United States. According to a survey that was done involving teens in the country, a majority of them pointed out that the condition was common among their peers. The problem was among teenagers from all walks of life.

The other challenges that the interviewees pointed out include bullying and addiction to drugs. More than 60% of them revealed that they were under a lot of pressure to get good grades in school. Others pointed out issues such as looking good and being good in co-curricular activities. Read more:


Edwin Miranda: Revolutionary Programmatic Advertising

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI America, a trendsetting marketing consulting firm reputed for leading its peers in marketing campaigns geared towards performance. Through Miranda’s leadership, Koi Americas has served leading brands in various industry sectors including Banking, Real Estate Industry, Healthcare, and Hospitality. Other industries that have also benefitted from his expertise are NGOs, Advocacy Groups as well as Government Institutions.

Edwin Miranda has been feted for his professional expertise and achievements, winning many accolades including the SME Top Management Award in Communication (2004). Miranda has continued to steer KOI Americas to embrace and espouse technological advances that reshape and revolutionize business processes with a keen focus on matters marketing. Edwin Miranda has given his insights into many technological advances that have or will revolutionize the marketing industry. One such trend that has quickly gained traction with the marketing players is Programmatic advertising.

Programmatic Advertising is an advancement in digital marketing whereby the potential customer only gets to see adverts that may be relevant to them instead of receiving a blanket barrage of adverts. Through software technologies, user behavior and preferences are analyzed, and relevant target ads reach different users. This has significantly increased customer conversion rate; hence a higher ROIs realized over shorter terms.

Edwin Miranda reckons. Programmatic advertising will dominate digital advertising will penetrate further to conventional media to include television and radio platforms. As targeting becomes more precise, online video adverting will also be programmatic.

Main challenges being faced by the dynamic programmatic advertising is false impressions. According to Pixalate, a fraud management system, 35% of US Dynamic ad impressions in 2017 were fraudulent.

Due to its precision and proven conversion rates, Dynamic ads are quickly replacing traditional static ads saving marketers and their client resources that would have otherwise been wasted.

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Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a healthcare center that focuses mostly on patient care and building relationships with their patients. The workers at Sussex know that in order to receive patients that want to come back to your healthcare center you must provide the absolute best service and build strong relationships between you and the patients. Sussex likes to build those relationships off of trust.

Recently Sussex Healthcare had a visit from the Care Quality Commission. The Care Quality Commission basically walks through the healthcare centers and ensures that everything is running properly for the patients. When coming to Sussex Care Quality Commission has to go through many different departments and evaluate them. These departments include medical care, emergency care, maternity care, surgery, and a few others.

A few years ago the Care Quality Commission paid Sussex Healthcare a visit and found some errors among their work. They told Sussex that they were doing amazing about caring for their customers, but there was a few things that they should work on. Recently when the Care Quality Commission returned they told Sussex that they saw great improvements among him.

Sussex Healthcare wants the absolute best for their patients. They want them to want to come back to their facility, and know that in order for patients to want to come back they must build great relationships with them. Sussex cares for people everyday, and finds great joy in that. Sussex knows that in order to succeed you have to work hard and be determined. If you are a hard worker and have a drive that will lead you all the way to the top then you can do anything you set your mind on. Sussex Healthcare is making us change the way we look at healthcare. Sussex is leading the way for the medical future.

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Michael Phelps Promotes Talkspace

Michael Phelps is one of the most famous athletes in the world. He is also the new spokesman for Talkspace. Michael Phelps would not appear to be the person you would associate with having anxiety or depression. He reveals that he has suffered so much that he considered taking his own life. There were days he did not leave his room. He is happy to now talk about how much help he has received and how it has saved his life.

Talkspace hopes to have that same effect. So far, over 1 million people have used Talkspace. Talkspace is a unique way for people to get mental healthcare. People who use the app can access mental health professionals. They can also use email, text, and video chats to communicate with a therapist. This type of therapy has been called e-therapy or distance therapy. Learn more about talkspace at

It is a cheaper way to talk to a professional than traditional therapy visits. It is also more convenient. People can use Talkspace’s service anywhere they can get to a phone or tablet. Talkspace’s founder, Oren Frank, saw that there was an issue in getting help to people who could not afford mental healthcare or lived in an area that did not offer it.

Talkspace has therapists who can discuss a wide variety of mental health issues. Talkspace also has a series of blogs and forums that connect people. They allow people to discuss some of the issues they are having with other people who may have experienced the same thing.

One of Oren Frank’s goals was to raise the awareness of mental health issues. Using Michael Phelps will be a big part of that process. When people see that even someone like Phelps has issues, it might be the first step in them getting the help that they need.

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An Overview of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a private equity company that majors in a couple of activities such as buyout, recapitalization, as well as turnaround situations. The firm prioritizes in investing in financial services especially consumer finance and loan servicing, infrastructure (transportation and energy), real estate, media and telecommunication, gaming, leisure, healthcare, and senior living. Besides, Fortress also invests in power generation equipment, energy, healthcare facilities, consumer discretionary, independent power and renewable electricity procedures. The firm also considers the investments in Northern America, Western Europe, and the Caribbean for private equity. It seeks to secure corporate ownership or control in distressed situations by working together with board or directors or committee creditor of the company. See more on Wikipedia.

Fortress Investment company consider having a majority stake in companies. The firm engages in the investment of distressed and undervalued assets as well as tangible and intangible assets such as capital assets, real estate, intellectual properties, and natural resources. The firm primarily offers its services to the individuals. It engages in the investment of fixed income, equity, currency, derivatives, and commodity market all across the world. Fortress also develops and manages real estate funds, hedge funds, and private equity funds. It develops control-oriented investments in the generation of cash flow, asset-based ventures and acquire assets or even make debt investments. The firm has various investment options such as distressed real estate loan acquisitions, and investment in real estate markets. Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. It is situated in New York City.

Fortress has undergone incredible growth and development that has impressed other ventures. One business that stood out from others is Softbank. Softbank was ready to buy Fortress Investment Group for 3.3 billion USD. This decision only makes sense for a traditional financial firm or real estate. However, it’s less clear-cut for Masayoshi Son’s tech business. The vice president, as well as the senior analyst of at Moody Investments by the name Dean Ungar, stated that the acquisition initially looked like Softbank major department purchasing an old credit-focused private equity firm.

Fortress Investment Group will run in SoftBank independent with its headquarters in New York. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger will remain as the primary principals of the firm. Softbank is aimed at maintaining the leadership, brand, business model, personnel, the process as well as the culture that have enabled Fortress to rise to such success.

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For Immigrants, America Was, Is and Always Will be Great

Xenia Vorotova was born in Izhevsk, a city in Russia. She was a small Jewish girl who thought that everything is possible in the United States. She mainly observed this from their music, movies, and different magazines. She began dreaming about living in the US, and her family moved to the US, 20 years ago when she was 17.

Their landing place was New York City. Ms. Deere, along with her mother and sister was very happy to make it to New York. In the year 1998, the population of New York was about 7.4 million whereas Izhevsk’s was only half a million populated. The sight of the city was not what she had imagined. The city was noisy and used to be jam-packed 24/7.

Doe Deere and the other two ladies were eager to work because they soon found out that the money saved by their mother by working as an accountant in Russia was not enough to run the expenses of the three of them. Her educational degrees and records were to be transferred from Russia whereas they were running out of money therefore to meet their basic expenses; she started working in people’s apartments and homes. She used to clean up the apartments whereas Xenia herself walked the dogs. The three of them found it very difficult to absorb. There were times when they felt devastated and thought about returning to home.

The three made best but since they were unable to meet their expenses, they were forced to live in a homeless shelter in Manhattan. The next three months were difficult. They used to have free food from local church every Thursday. The three worked hard.

In 1999 they were introduced to an NGO that aims at helping women from different countries who were in worse situations. This helped her mother land her very first job and helped Ms. Deere enter the Fashion Institution and the little sister in Columbia University. In 2000, they shifted to Lehman Projects which was quite luxurious. After some time, Xenia was able to be a successful woman.

Talkspace Offers a New Form of Mental Health Treatment

Mental illness is something that affects millions of Americans. Up to 25% of people will have one or more episodes of clinical depression, and there are a variety of other mental health issues. The majority will never receive any treatment for their illness. Talkspace has partnered with Michael Phelps to promote awareness of mental illness, and they want to let people know that there are ways to treat them. To the outside world, it seemed as if Phelps had it all. He was a world famous athlete, and he had won a world record amount of Olympic gold medals. However, at one point he even contemplated suicide. Mental illness cannot be easily seen from the outside, and so Michael, as many others, went years without revealing the issues he was having. There is still a stigma associated with mental health, and so many people are reticent to look for help.

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After a particularly bad episode, he looked for help. He realizes now that it is a sign of great strength rather than weakness to ask for help. He feels that Talkspace is a great option for so many people who would not normally access proper mental health care. Talkspace offers counseling via text and video which allows access for people who might be too far away from visiting a mental health professional. One of the best aspects of Talkspace is the community they have established. A blog helps real sufferers hear from other patients. They can offer a wealth of advice and support. They deal with a wide variety of topics including LGBTQ issues, and the ways in which people can handle major life events.

Oren Frank founded the company in 2012, and its mission is to allow people affordable mental health treatment in a way that is easy for them to access.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline Merges with Virgin Group

Virgin Group is one of the most recognized hospitality and travel brands in the world. Brightline, on the other hand, FIG is the first privately owned intercity passenger railroad company in America has operated in more than a hundred years. Richard Branson, a British billionaire, owns Virgin Group and Fortress Investment Group, an investment Management company from New York, owns Brightline. The two signed a trademark licensing agreement and a strategic partnership that resulted in the establishment of Virgin Trains USA. Virgin Group owns Virgin Hyperloop One, a high-speed rail, and Virgin Atlantic Airline. The company is not new in the transport industry. In May 2018, Brightline expanded its rail services in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami and plans are underway to extend the services to Southern California and Las Vegas from next year. The new company is expected to launch its operations in the United States of America starting next year after approval from, the Federal government. Find out more about Fortress Group Investment at

According to one of the founding members of Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens, the company brought Virgin Group aboard to strengthen America’s rail system. He points out that the Brightline decided to work with Virgin Group because of its well-built trusted and respected brand in the hospitality and travel industry. Edens adds that Fortress Investment Group boasts of rich customer experience, the culture of disruption and innovation and tremendous success in its operations. He insists that the collaboration of the two companies is a promising venture.

In his remarks, Richard Branson noted that his company shook the transport markets through its successful innovative business ventures. He added that Virgin America transformed the American air travel since it provides tens of Millions of Americans who travel by air every day with excellent services.He was optimistic that the two companies would improve the travel pattern of the United States. He pointed out that Brightline is the ideal partner to roll out the new Virgin Trains USA project. Fortress Investment Group’s Brightline President Patrick Goddard noted that his company needed the Virgin Group’s wisdom to reinvent train travel in the United States of America because of the company’s track record. He was optimistic that the partnership would benefit the two companies since their combined efforts would boost their growth in the transport market.

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