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Dr. Saad Saad trains pediatric surgeons in Palestine

 Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatric surgeon in the United States. Although he retired recently, his reputation as a top practitioner in the world can never be forgotten. He has assisted thousands of children from the United States and the Middle East to access quality medical care.

As a physician, his focus has always been to give the best treatment to the patients. For over 40 years, he has worked hard to accomplish this mission. Looking at what he has managed to accomplish, it comes out clear that he was a man on a mission of helping the less fortunate in society. He attended to the wealthy and the poor in the same manner. He has never looked at a patient based on their color or origin. His believes that every human being deserves the same treatment.

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine in 1940s. One thing that comes out clearly from his career life is that he has always looked for ways of helping the less fortunate in society. He has made a significant contribution to the growth of the medical industry in Palestine by helping hundreds of children from the region as well as equipping pediatric surgeons from the region with skills that can help them conduct successful operations.

Through the intervention of a non-profit organization known as the PCRF (Palestine Children’s Relief Fund), Dr. Saad has managed to make a difference in the lives of so many children in Palestine. He has been to the region eight times for free medical missions. After successful treating a child that was airlifted to the United States for gunshot wounds to the stomach, PCRF convinced Dr. Saad Saad to start free medical missions in West Bank. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

Through these medical missions, Dr. Saad Saad has managed to train pediatric surgeons from Palestine on how to conduct surgeries. During his early visits, the local doctors would observe and learn from what he was doing. Through this initiative, he was able to bring the skills he had acquired in the United States to Palestine.

Towards the end of the medical missions, many local surgeons were trained to a point where they could perform surgeries as Dr. Saad Saad watched. Dr. Saad was interested in a situation where children from this region would access quality medical assistance even in his absence.

These medical missions were a boost to the Palestine economy since he offered services for free. For children who had to be taken to Israel in the past, such services came at a cost. For those airlifted to Europe and America, the cost was even higher. By ensuing that the operations are done locally, Dr. Saad has helped the Palestine healthcare sector to grow.

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Dr. Mark McKenna’s Impact on the Medical Aesthetic Sector

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and an entrepreneur who is making a difference in the medical aesthetic industry. The doctor, who is a graduate of Tulane medical school, doubles up as a businessman whose passion in entrepreneurship stems back from his schooling days at the university. Dr. McKenna made up his mind while still in college that he wanted to make extra money not only from his medical career but in other businesses as well. It is for this reason, which saw him establish a real estate investment in New Orleans after his graduation in 1999. Nevertheless, his real estate business was hugely affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster natural disaster in 2005 where the doctor lost millions of dollars.

Further, Dr. Mark McKenna exited the real estate business after rebuilding it back and later selling it before returning to Atlanta. Dr. McKenna would then open another investment that was known as ShapeMed, which dealt with the cosmetic treatments such as laser hair removal and Botox injections among others. Furthermore, Dr. McKenna again sold the company in 2015 to a company that was called Lifetime Fitness where he worked as part of its staff members. He stayed with the company for one year before leaving the business after another private entity acquired it. Currently, Dr. McKenna who is now 43 has established a new concept that is pioneering a whole new way of doing things in medicine through his Uber-like platform known as OVME.

About OVME Technology

OVME, which is pronounced as “of me” is an app that works in a similar way like the Uber Application of getting connected with the customers. Dr. Mark McKenna’s vision in the OVME app is to see to it that all Botox patients can get attached easily through calls to the cosmetic medical offices and freelance practitioners. Besides, this will significantly be of benefit to the resident of Buckhead, Atlanta where the business is set to be located. What’s more, the cosmetic treatment will be incorporating the minimally invasive procedures as Dr. Mark McKenna believes that the method will help with the restoration of self-confidence through the new medical aesthetics. Additionally, Dr. McKenna who is highly respected by many of the patients who have gone through his hands ensures exceptional results by combining the medical aesthetics with the cutting-edge technology.