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OSI Industries: The Present & The Future of Custom Food Solutions

One of the very best food suppliers in the world is located right in the U.S. Its headquarters is actually located in Aurora, Illinois, and it has grown into an international juggernaut in the food industry. This company is known as OSI Group, which is under OSI Industries. Being the leader of the pack didn’t come by accident. This fantastic organization started as an idea, but it materialized into a reality. It’s the perfect form of personification in a sense. OSI Industries is rather broad on a global scale. It has well-over 20,000 trained employees, and it has 65 high-tech working facilities. On top of that, these facilities are state-of-the-art, and they are located in 17 countries. This is the massive size of OSI Industries, and it has no problem in stating it.

Its food processing team is an actual team of engineers. These individuals have real-world cuisine knowledge as well as true global perspectives. Their jobs are very diverse in improving quality, streamlining the process and they’re used for dynamically cutting costs. Thanks to the company’s huge economical success, it now has some wonderful buying power, especially when it comes to advanced technologies. These technologies help in many ways, whether its for processing, managing, distributing or for developing. Every angle is being covered here and in the most efficient way. OSI Industries dominate the field in which it works. It produces some of the tastiest food products for real-world markets. This includes hamburger, hotdogs, tofu, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pot roast, chicken fried steak, flatbread, soups, chili, pulled pork and numerous others.

The future is looking might bright as long this company is in the picture. OSI Industries is the king of custom food solutions. Schools, retailors and restaurants benefit from its services on a daily basis. The once small meat market has definitely made a name for itself, and it has a century’s worth of valuable experience. Prominent names such as Starbucks, Subway, McDonald’s, KFC and Papa John’s Pizza have all benefited from its services. In conclusion, OSI Industries is the personification of hard work, expertise, perseverance and dedication.

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Norman Pattiz’s Life and Work

Norman Lear is a writer, producer, director, World War II veteran and a creator of sitcoms such as one day at a time, The Jeffersons as well as all in the Family. Norman Pattiz announced that Norman Lear would engage the listeners on matters concerning family, music, current events, and politics among other issues. The show will also cover topics of celebrities, politicians and the ordinary people. Paul Hipp, who is Lear’s friend, joins him each week.



Norman Pattiz is the creator and chairman of Westwood One. He has managed to make the company one of the largest radio networks which provide sports, news, entertainment, talk as well as traffic programming to the industry. Westwood One also manages the NBC broadcast networks, the Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News just to name a few. In 2010, Norman Pattiz founded Courtside Entertainment Group which is located in Los Angeles. It was to produce and ensure distribution of quality programming. At the year-end of 2012, Pattiz created Podcast One which rapidly became one of the leading producers in audio-on demand programming. Podcast One has become a favorite among personalities and brands such as Larry King, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and over 200 of the currently most popular podcasts. Learn more:


In 2000, Norman Pattiz was elected by President Clinton and was later reappointed by President Bush in 2002 to work on the Broadcasting Board of Governors. The Board supervises all U.S Broadcasting services which include Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, and The Voice of America among others. Pattiz was in charge of introducing America’s Arabic language radio service to the 22 countries which belong to the Middle East. Also, Pattiz was responsible for launching Farsi language which broadcasts in Iran and can reach over 40 million listeners on a weekly basis. In 2009, Pattiz was introduced to the National Radio Hall of Fame whereby he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award which was from the Library of American Broadcasting. On top of his background in broadcasting, Pattiz is also the chairman of the Lawrence Livermore as well as Los Alamos National Security Laboratories. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Pacific Council on International Relations. Norman Pattiz lives in Beverly Hills together with his wife, Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz. They have been married for 30 years. Pattiz says his heroes include Bill Paley, Steve Ross as well as his first boss in media sales. Learn more:


The OSI Group continues with its expansion strategy in Europe and other countries

The OSI Group is a leader in the provision of top quality products and custom solutions in the food industry. That is why most of the other leading food companies rely on the OSI Group for cutting edge solutions to their most sophisticated food development and processing needs.

OSI Group is ranked as the 58th largest private company in the United States. It was set up in 1909, and in 1975, it got its name, OSI Group which remain the official name of the company. In 1955, Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s and chose the OSI Group to supply them with beef patties. Currently, the OSI Group serves many big clients besides McDonald’s who depend on the company for high-quality and fresh supplies for their products.

Today, the OSI Group offers more beef patties. The company offers tailored food products that suit the needs of their clients. Their range of products includes meat, proteins, fruits and fresh vegetables. The company has built a reputation of supplying high-quality products, and they consider the health of their customers with utmost importance. The OSI Group recently featured in the top 100 food companies.

Over the many years, the OSI Group has continuously expanded, and they have acquired some small and big businesses as well, in U.S. and other countries. In 2016, the OSI Group acquired Baho Food. The President and the Chief Operating Officer of company were pleased with the acquisition, and he noted that it would help them expand their operations in European countries. He explained that Baho Foods and OSI group’s products have a lot of similarities and it would help their clients to have a wider variety to choose from.

In just a few months after they acquired Baho Foods, the company also purchased Flagship Europe. Flagship Europe was a leader in supplying dressings, frozen foods, sauces, and sous vide dishes in Europe. The company has more than sixty facilities in 16 different countries. The acquisitions have brought more opportunities at the OSI Group’s table, and they have helped them not only to expand in Europe but also in other countries. The company received the Globe of Honor Award in 2016.

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The Impact of Betsy DeVos On Education

Among the many things that people will say about Betsy DeVos is that she has made a huge impact on the education system. For one thing, the schools that are located in and near the hometown of Betsy DeVos are actually doing well. This shows that Betsy has a lot of insight on the issues in the community. She especially is insightful when it comes to finding solutions to the issues that are plaguing the education system. She is also very proactive in pursuing those solutions so that people will be able to benefit from the changes in the education system.She has pushed for a lot of changes in the school system.

Among the changes was bringing forth alternatives to the traditional way of getting education. This alternative was to give children the chance to study and learn at other schools so that they can focus on their education and not have to worry about other issues that may plague poor communities. One of the best things about this approach is that it allows students to get better education. Therefore, they will have a better chance at improving their lives and possibly the community for students to come after them.Betsy has shown that she does not try to come up with arbitrary proposals. She takes on an issue that hits close to home for her.

For one thing, she has put her children through schools outside of the district they lived in. While doing this, she has seen parents that have done the same thing. The only thing was that they were making huge sacrifices because they were not as financially well off as the DeVos family was. Therefore, the family helped some other families put their children through education. One of the ways they did that is by first connecting with the family and then offering to provide financial assistance so that they can continue to have their children in better schools.One of the best aspects of the DeVos family is that they show an inclination towards philanthropy. This is one of the reasons that they are so effective in what they do.

Betsy DeVos, a reformer in Education sector of US

Betsy DeVos, an influential American business women, politician and an activist, is an inspiration for all the ladies. She is one of the most powerful members of the United States government. Being an education minister in the cabinet of United States President Donald Trump, she has also been very vocal about the education system in America. She has worked very hard for the growth and development of the country. She has always emphasized on the importance of education for the prosperity of the country and works to bring improvements in the education system.She has been the prominent figure in various movements for education. Among these movements, School Charter movement was very famous. With the help of this movement, the people asked the government of United States to give the owners of private schools the authority to initiate their schools in addition to the already existing private ones. Public schools run on money from tax payers which makes it difficult to provide higher education to students.

Moreover, they lack some facilities which are essential for the growth and development of students. This led to the initiation of School Charter. This program is led by those people who either are rich or have a lot of experience in the business. They aim to provide the students with all the necessities for their grooming in education and life as a whole. They can also set their own curriculum which can be of a better standard than the one established by the government.This all has been possible with the constant support of Betsy DeVos.She also wanted to develop a grading system for all the schools in America that can assess and grade the quality of education in these schools. This system will rank the schools so that the parents can decide which school should be opted for their children to secure their future.

As Betsy herself is a parent, she is quite familiar with the concerns of parents regarding their children’s future. That is why her continuous efforts for better education system are proving fruitful for the education sector of the country.Betsy and her husband are one of the most important charitable donors in the country. They have helped various kids in their education through charity. They help them to get the quality education and prosper in their lives like other kids. They are aware of the importance of education for each and every child of the country that is why they put a lot of effort to educate as many children as possible. Betsy’s efforts in the education sector are leading the country towards prosperity. Her experience, power, knowledge, and loyalty towards her position have led her to earn the respect of the citizens.

Todd Lubar, The Financier, and Lender

In the year 1995, Todd Lubar engaged himself in the field of real estate. The outcome of his service was a prosperous firm. He devoted his energy to carry out his operations with the target of establishing real estates as well as giving the necessary assistance to the young and developing realtors access the appropriate advice as well as the finances towards the attainment of their desired goals with entailed the ownership and selling of properties. At his time of services at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he realized certain methods that would predictably establish an efficient planning of the mortgage.

This idea though soft offered him the permission to tackle stand up firms and provided them with the services through which he attained success. He considered the agents of real estate, upright and honest insurance organizations, CPAs as well as the competent financial organizers who ensured that the basis of his idea solid. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

According to Hackronym, in the year 1999, he attained an equity vacancy at Legacy Financial Group. This was a significant realization which provided him with the go-ahead to intensify his lending abilities. At that moment, he could loan out money to the other realtors. In the year 2002, he took a bold step of establishing the Legendary Properties. It was a housing expansion firm that facilitated quick acquirement of estates by purchasing, rehabilitating, selling as well as making gains. The asset was a twenty-unit scheme which was to host different families. Todd rapidly attained resilient networks with individuals who were at the firm. The newly aspiring stakeholders would confidently look for loans as well as repay it contentedly without in the course of setting up properties. His firm had access to up to twenty million dollars from the leading banks.

Todd Lubar has also enhanced the adjustments of the laws setting up the new legislation which are up to date. Notably, he is the individual who has indulged in Automotive Scrap Metal which is a recycling platform which has offered a respectable standing of the company in consideration of the environmental conservation struggles. This is in addition to the Charter Funding that he established in the year 2013. Through it, he would offer mortgages to the persons with the wish of becoming house owners.

TechStyle experiences immeasurable growth under Adam Goldberg’s leadership

In a recent interview at CNBC, Adam Goldenberg noted how the year has been one of the best for his TechStyle Group Company. After focusing on VIP membership fashion, TechStyle has grown to have many members that enjoy the offers, perks, and discounts that come with the company. Mr. Goldenberg has had a solid foundation in his career in e-commerce. By the year 1999, he had sold a two-year-old gaming network to Intermix Media. In the year 2006, he founded an internet brand known as Intelligent Beauty. Four years later, he founded his current company known as JustFab.

The kind of growth JustFab has experienced in its previous four years of operations is an accurate indication that Adam Goldenberg’s predictions in the year 2014 were correct. In 2013, JustFab was able to raise $55 million in funding. The company went to acquire other businesses such as Fabkids and shoe e-commerce known as ShoeDazzle. JustFab has grown to have a stylist membership program available in five countries outside the United States. The company has expanded its base to have new launches such as the athletic selling brand Fabletics.

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JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group
TechStyle’s data-driven fashion

In a recent interview at CNBC, Adam Goldenberg talked about his new launches and how they have propelled the company to massive paths of growth. He later explained the announcement that saw brands like FabKids, JustFab, and Fabletics become rebranded to TechStyle Group. Mr. Goldenberg explained that when they founded JustFab, it was a means to change the way people shop through the delivery of trendy fashion at a low price. The company has achieved its objectives and stayed true to its vision. However, the company has grown to become a brand that is driven by personalization and data. Adam Goldenberg noted that the recent renaming of the company is a clear indication of the company’s corporate identity and what it stands for.

While the company has not made significant changes after changing its name, there are a few small changes on its business operations. The first few changes is zeroing on customer service to begin the online cancellation process. Customer complaints have reduced immensely after the recent change of duty. Adam Goldenberg noted that it was that the overall perception of all of the four brands of the company by its shoppers were positive. The recent funding and valuation of the business saw it become valued at $1billion. TechStyle is set to roll out new membership strategies that should focus on a better customer experience.

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Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Is An Award-Winning Executive With Over 30 Years Of Experience In The Financial Industry

Anyone that does business with Dalrada and Bonar’s financial team knows that Brian is cut from a different stone. In fact, the name of Brian Bonar’s company represents the “Stone of Destiny.” The Stone of Destiny has been past back and forth for centuries. According to British folklore, the Stone represents courage, valor, perseverance and national pride. The Scots lost the stone in the last battle, but the stone has been returned to Edinburgh Castle where it will remain forever. The Scots would rather die than give the Stone of Destiny to another company and Brain Bonar treats his clients the same way.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is one of the few companies in the Human Resource outsourcing business that has a complete understanding of what small and medium size companies need when it comes to employment benefit packages, financial management programs and an assortment of other services that give companies the freedom to focus on expansion and bottom-line profits. Bonar has a PH.D. in finance, and he doesn’t mince words with clients when it comes to telling them what they are doing wrong and how to correct the issues that are holding the company back from moving to the next tier in the business world.

A article listed Brian Bonar as one of the honorees of the Cambridge, Who’s Who® award. The Cambridge, Who’s Who® executive committee, chooses financial executives to honor based on leadership abilities, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments. Mr. Bonar is also involved in the American Finance Association, and he is one of the officers of Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc. Bonar serves as Chairman of the Board of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

When Brian Bonar is not focusing on Dalrada, he is involved in community programs that help the people of San Diego. Brian recently opened, Bellamy’s, a restaurant in San Diego that is reminiscent of a French Bistro. In a city where authentic Mexican restaurants abound, Bonar’s Bellamy’s is a breath of fresh air. The reception has been better than expected. Bonar plans to open an entertainment venue near San Diego that will include other unique restaurants.

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But Dalrada Financial Corporation is still Bonar’s baby. Dalrada is one of the Professional employment organization (PEO) that supplies employment benefit packages, staffing, payroll management, and human resources functions for small and medium-sized companies that need help managing their financial goals.

Bonar is a master at finding the right programs that help companies deal with new government regulations and international issues. Most companies want or have a global presence, and Dalrada helps those companies deal with the taxes, and other issues that are unique to international corporations. Read more: All About Brian Bonar, Leader and Executive

Bonar and his team at Dalrada are considered the best in the outsourcing business.