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Carsten Thiel Talks About His Career


Nowadays, Carsten Thiel is one of the leading experts in the biotech industry but he didn’t start out as a big success. So how has he managed to work his way up the corporate ladder so quickly? He recently sat down for a conversation to discuss how he got to where he is today. He was born in Berlin and proved to excel in his classes which led to him enrolling at the University of Bristol to study organic chemistry.

After receiving his bachelor of science degree, Carsten Thiel matriculated at the Max Planck Institute for biophysical chemistry where he went on to earn his Phd in molecular biology. After the completion of his academic career, he took a position working for Hoffman-LaRoche as one of their global business leaders and marketing strategists.

In this position, Carsten was responsible for helping to promote a new weight loss drug called Xenical and ensuring that it sold well. Upon being handed this big assignment, he soon discovered the marketing campaign was making promises it couldn’t possibly hope to keep. Fortunately, however, he found a way to preserve the reputation of the drug without compromising the potential success of selling it.

As a result, sales climbed through the roof and he eventually became one of their most valuable assets until he left to pursue other opportunities. He worked for the company for over seven years and developed a positive reputation amongst his coworkers and colleagues.

He was then put in charge of marketing a drug called Vectibix for patients suffering from colorectal cancer. He discovered a variable which could cause millions of consumers to potentially lose a lot of money but fortunately he was able to rectify the situation before it hit shelves.

Carsten Thiel’s integrity will serve as a shining example for future generations.


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The work of Carsten Thiel


Carsten Thiel has built a successful career in the world of pharmaceuticals. He has built a resume that includes several leadership positions. He understands what it takes to create and distribute quality products. His success has resulted in many ground breaking products that have impacted thousands of lives. He remains committed to patients and serves as an advocate for their needs.

Carsten Thiel is a native of Berlin, Germany. It was there that he gained a passion for education. He was very successful in chemistry and other sciences. He eventually made his way to the University of Bristol in the southwest of the UK. It was here that he earned his degree in Biochemistry. After this experience he went on to attended the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. It was here that he earned a Phd in Molecular Biology. His study include time researching protein and the effect that is has on transitioning cells. This time would prove to very important to his future work.

Soon after college Carsten Thiel worked with a very respected biotech firm known as Hoffman la-Roche. Hoffman la-Roche is a groundbreaking firm that allowed Thiel to showcase his talents. His time with the company eventually lead to him being the company’s Communications and Product Manager.

As time went on and Carsten continued to gain responsibility within the company he eventually played a major role in the company’s scientific marketing, and market assessment. This work would eventually lead to Thiel being called upon to spearhead a number of innovative medical products. Most notable on this list was the weight loss product Xenical.

Today Carsten Thiel continues to look for ways to be innovative in the pharmaceutical world. He is an advocate for his patients and works to provide them with the best care possible. With his track record and determination, Carsten Thiel looks prime for many more years of great success.


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