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Oren Frank: “Therapy For All”

Today mental health is often referred to as a global societal crisis that plagues people from all social classes. One person, however, has taken action against this issue in the form of an online therapy app that allows users to receive much-needed therapy sessions at an affordable price without having to leave their homes. In an interview with Co-Founder and CEO of Talkspace Oren Frank, we were able to go a little more in-depth about his work with the company as well as other aspects of his life. Learn more about Oren Frank at

What is something that many people might not agree with?

Oren Frank states that one of his growing concerns is how addictive and destructive social media is becoming not only our own country but the world itself. He adds that these social media platforms often create more harm than good by creating hate machines and ruining democracy through unregulated journalism, something that is extremely important for a democracy to thrive.

What has made you become more productive?

It’s all about moderation, says Oren Frank. Mr.Frank continues by saying that he does not believe in the extreme workplace where the work culture is very destructive towards people often making them work long and difficult hours. Those who have reasonable hours, take vacations and go out and enjoy other hobbies other than work tend to deliver the best results and yes become more productive overall.

What is one business idea that you could share with us?

Oren Frank states that there is an opportunity in developing an algorithm that can detect corruption in both the private and public sector. MR. Franks adds that this is already possible as many bank institutions do this exact thing for credit card fraud. Pattern recognition is improving every single day, so why not use it for good, says Oren Frank. For more information of Oren Frank, visit at

ClassDojo Helped Students Around the World Have a Mindful Moment

Many classes around the world were introduced to having a mindful moment thanks to ClassDojo. The event happened on May 10, 2019. Children who were in over one hundred and eight countries were able to take part in the event. Most people would agree the mental wellness of children is one of the key things that will help them to experience a happy life.

Many teachers wanted to have the ability to each mindfulness but did not have the necessary tools to make it happen. ClassDojo has done their part in making that happen. The event is The Mindful Moment. ClassDojo worked with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and the nonprofit, Beyond Shame, Beyond Stigma to create the program. The mindful moment was a way for the children to get still and just be in the present moment. They did not have to focus on anything else at the time. ClassDojo also provided things that could be used the weeks after the event. The program did not take a huge chunk of the day. It was only about ten to fifteen minutes; however, it does not take long to create an impact on the wellbeing of a child.

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Mindfulness Training by ClassDojo could help to Eliminate Student Stress

The modern school environment is loaded with a lot of problems that can stress students out. Everything from bullying, pressure for making good grades and the possibility of a mass school incident all lead to student stress and anxiety. Like it or not, the modern school environment is a place where students, teachers, parents and members of the general public have to deal with a lot of issues.

ClassDojo is an education app that helps to make the school environment a better place for all. This app was created in 2011 by Liam Dom and Sam Chaudhary to help teachers and students to make the most of their school experience. Since its creation the application offers various features that promote good behavior. This application also provides users with various benefits that can help to improve and change a student’s behavior.

ClassDojo’s mindfulness training helps students to make the most of their school day. It just gives them the ability to get a handle on different things that might be happening to them. Students can simply employ the mindfulness training techniques to help them to get a handle on any bad situation. The school experience is complex but mindfulness training can help to alleviate stress, problems and other issues that cause students to fail.