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Iskandar Safa – The Mastermind Behind Privinvest


Privinvest Holding is an international naval construction group: a leading naval and yacht shipbuilder. Over 20 years ago, Iskandar Safa founded Privinvest along with his younger brother.

Born in Beirut and graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in civil engineering from American University Beirut, Iskandar Safa left Beirut to go to the United States to be a junior civil engineer. He moved back to France to obtain his MBA from INSEAD in Fountainebleau. From there he became President of Triacorp International. During this time, Privinvest was formed. Influenced from his mother’s side in the engineering field and his father’s side in the political realm, there was no way for Iskandar Safa not to succeed.

Privinvest is widely known for their design of some of the world’s best naval ships, commercial ships and large yachts. Not only do they design them, the engineer and build them as well. His company has built more than 2,000 vessels to more than 40 different navies as well as private customers.

Advancing Privinvest has always been Iskandar Safa’s focus. He has been able to lead Privinvest into the technology era working on naval security and security for commercial use as well. They have been able to integrate the security on the ships with a surveillance and protection systems to enhance water securities.

Privinvest became known for their superior command of high-tech systems and for building ships that were on the cutting edge of naval high-tech development. The newly-released High-Speed WP18 Tactical Strike Craft is considered one of the most advanced crafts to date.

Iskandar Safa’s main concern is not being in the limelight despite being the wealthiest Lebanon Citizen, but giving back to the environment. He has focused on the research and development of marine renewable energies making a positive influence in the world.

With the main office being in the Middle East, Privinvest has facilities thorough out: United Kingdom, Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Being the leading privately-owned shipbuilding shows that Iskandar Safa is a superb leader. He surrounds himself with the best executives and delegating authorities to make the decisions that are best for Privinvest. He values his employees and relations with them. Go Here for related Information.

The way he leads his company with passion and pride is the same way he does his philanthropic endeavors. Giving back to the community is a big part of Iskandar Safa’s life. He has given money to support and build churches in Lebanon, Southern France and Dominican Republic. Being an athlete himself, he sponsors the Lebanese Special Olympics. See This Page for additional information.

Iskandar Safa wants to be the one to make a difference whether it is in the shipbuilding enterprise, philanthropic realm or stepping in to help hostages unite with families under the radar. The way he runs his company and life shows he has not lost the power of the human touch.