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What Investors Can Learn From Shervin Pishevar’s Tweet Storm

As a Silicon Valley investor, Shervin Pishevar support to blockbuster start-up companies like Airbnb and Uber. His ride to the top of the tech world hasn’t been without its controversies, but Pishevar remains a compelling figure in the world of venture capital.

A 21-Hour Tweet Storm and Big Economic Predictions

And when Shervin Pishevar takes to his Twitter account to let his followers in on his economic views, many people sit up and take notice. Such was the case during a recent 21-hour tweet storm, in which the investor gave his opinion on everything from a possible recession to the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: Gaining Steam for 2019?

As a new form of currency, Bitcoin made big news in 2017 after its price per “share” hit $17.5k, up from $1 per coin in 2011. With that kind of exponential rise in value, investors were able to make billions of dollars from savvy investments in the currency. Bitcoin’s value dropped to $6500 per coin this year, but if Pishevar is correct, new investors could make millions if they buy now and wait for the currency to regain its former value.

A Recession in 2019?

While Pishevar remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, he was not so positive about the future of the stock market, suggesting that it would likely fall by a staggering 6000 points in coming months. For many business owners, this might be an indication that it’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare to weather a financial storm akin to 2008’s “great recession.” For those who favor buying stocks when prices drop in the wake of an economic downturn in the market, however, a recession could be a good time to invest.

So if you’re a fan or even a critic of Shervin Pishevar, you’re probably interested one way or the other in his unorthodox views on investing. No one has ever accused Shervin Pishevar of holding his cards close to his chest, but his unique opinions on investing have many wondering if his economic forecast is a solid lead on changes to come in the marketplace. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but for many investors, Pishevar may have just gotten it right once again.

Doll Maker And Instagram Star Doe Deere Collide In A Colorful World


It’s not everyday that you meet a beautiful girl with Red Velvet lips and Venus palette eyes and blue hair. Well, unless you run full force into Instagram Star and Lime Crime Makeup founder Doe Deere. When you are as uniuqe as Doe is, you make a lot of friends. Doe has one friend who is a doll maker named Joshua David McKenney. Mr. McKenney created a doll based off a photo that Doe posted for him on her Instagram account. The doll is amazing and the posted photo was supposed to bring some exposure to Mr. McKenney. However, chaos entered the picture when another artist named Richard Prince of Gagosian Gallery took some of the message out of the photo and had the photo blown up. That blown up print sold for $90,000 at New York’s Frieze Art Fair. The doll on the other hand also sold. It was sold at Christine’s auction house for $302,500 and that was more than enough to put the Pidgin doll in the lime light.

Doe Deere has done many things in her life and having a doll created based upon her image is just anther form of success. Doe Deere is an amazing business woman and a successful artist in her own right. Doe works in colors and loves to break all the rules to get to the goal and end result of personal expression. Just one look at her makeup company Lime Crime and you will quickly see that she breaks all the rules and it works out well for everyone.

Doe Deere is a creator in her own rite and Lime Crime is one of her successful creations. Doe knew that makeup users had been asking some of the top makeup companies to create products with more, true to life color. These makeup companies did not answer the call. Doe Deere picked up the charge and started to create makeup with bright colors and people loved it. Doe has about a hundred dollars and the dream of creating the makeup company. That was enough drive to push her and Lime Crime over the edge of success.

Doe Deere encourages people from all walks of life to believe in the power of expression and creation. Doe tells people to never give up on the dream and to move forward with their goals even when it means breaking some rules in a positive way.

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Skout – The New Way to Socialize

Skout is a new, free app that is designed to allow people to chat, make friends and explore. These type of sites used to be only available through a desktop or laptop until smartphones were developed. Now you can chat with anyone throughout the entire world with just one click of the Skout app.

When you first download the app, you will be asked to either sign up through Facebook or sign up with your email. Once signed up you have the option to add your picture, your general information such as name and where you live, and any other description you may want to add. You can check to see when others are online and choose to chat with them. There is a series of points you can collect that allow you to “wink” or do various other activities through out the app.

The Skout app has a wide range of members from teens to seniors. Unlike other sites that have age limits or also limits your access, the Skout app is with you wherever you go as long as you have a smart phone and an internet connection. Skout is super popular because of this reason. The convenience is something that almost all people will appreciate and enjoy meeting new people.

Skout does not allow inappropriate “selfies” on their site. They do not allow bathroom “selfies” or half naked pictures. Photos that are uploaded to the site will be banned and will not be allowed. This protects the younger generation that is using the site and also implies a level of professionalism and a clean environment.

The social media website allows you to add your favorites to a list for easy access where you can send them a virtual gift and also being alerted when they log back in. You can easily block them or report them, kind of like Facebook and other apps. You have the ability to leave comments and likes directly to their profile and be alerted when you do so. You can check out their “buzz” feature that shows a social media type of feed where you can access local people, your friends or people you have added to your favorites. There is also a “look at me” button that is a bidding game where users can bid their added up points. This apparently helps the user to be featured in the spot and gain greater recognition. Press the “shake to chat” button feature and you will start a conversation with a random stranger. After 40 seconds both profile pages will be revealed to each user. That’s when you find out who you’re conversing with.

Like I mentioned before, many activities on the Skout app require “points” which can be added up or you can purchase them. Overall, this app is a very popular app when it comes to meeting new people. If you’re looking to reach out and expand your horizons by meeting new people all over the world, or whether you’re just looking to keep up with old friends, Skout is the app for you.

Status Labs Takes Aim at Bad Reviews

The internet has fundamentally changed the way we approach all levels of interaction with businesses. Now, before we ever even step foot inside of a store it is likely that we have investigated the business by looking at online reviews. While online review websites, like Yelp or Angie’s List, have given power to the consumer they have also made it increasingly difficult for honest businesses to overcome any honest rough periods in their lifespan. Andrew Gruel, owner of the sustainable seafood restaurant ‘Slapfish’, shared his story.

As a talented chef with the goal of providing delicious, sustainable seafood to his customers it seemed like Andrew Gruel had his niche on lock. However, his restaurant faced issues upon first opening. Mr. Gruel hadn’t calibrated his prices or serving sizes to reflect the area and as a result the chef was hit with a slew of one star reviews online. Mr. Gruel told reporters that these reviews “can bury you” and that your goal is to simply “stop the bleeding”. Unfortunately, for the most part one star reviews are permanent and a constant drain on a business. That is where a company like Status Labs would come into play.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that focuses on helping companies keep their core values on display on the internet. When it comes to bad reviews Mr. Gruel and Status Labs would work together to bring down how harsh those reviews were by engaging in a social way. Status Labs would monitor the internet for negative reviews of a restaurant, Slapfish in this example, and they would instantly engage the customer with what they found lacking in their visit. Engaging the customer and their complaints then opens up a dialogue that allows the restaurant to remedy any issues and hopefully change the review.

Another problem in the world of business reviews is that, increasingly, we are finding that people are getting hired to write fake reviews — something that is both dishonest and immoral. Fake reviews have become a plague on websites like Yelp because they undermine the core values of the system. Fake reviews that either fluff up or deflate a business can have long lasting, negative effects on the business. Mr. Gruel admitted that he aimed for “four and five star reviews” because at that rating he believed his business was going to “be sustainable” for the long run.