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How does OSI Group McDonalds make its hamburgers

How does OSI Group McDonalds make its world famous burgers? This is a question that has been in the minds of not only burger fanatics but also these brand customers. There has been a lot of critics calling out the company for hiding its food-making processes despite their high market command. Some critics have even insinuated that this leading fast food franchise goes heavy on additives and preservatives on its offerings. Recently, the company welcomed the media into its largest factory in Europe, the Gunzburg factory in Germany. This was in an effort to lay bare how it makes its hamburgers and squash the critics.

From beef to burger patties

The Gunzburg factory produces about 5 million hamburgers every day. To make this possible it takes lots of meat from slaughterhouses around the area. According to Eunice Koekkoek, the OSI Group McDonalds representative, the meet is received as large chunks. This means that the chances of it getting contaminated by bacteria or other foreign objects are significantly reduced. Additionally, the beef is then passed in an x-ray inspector so that it can detect any large bones or metal pieces that are in the meat. The machines at the Gunzburg factory are kept at very low temperatures. It is easy to spot the ice forming on top of the machines. Eunice pointed out that the extreme cold prevents bacteria from mushrooming inside the machines. The meat is then minced, and send to the patties-making machine where it is mixed with frozen beef. The OSI Group McDonalds uses this technique of mixing fresh and frozen meat technique to make sure that their burger patties can hold together for long.

From the factory to the restaurant

Eunice Koekkoek mentioned that the company takes a lot of keen steps to make sure that their hamburgers get to the restaurant from the factory in their best quality products. It is for this reason that the distribution center for this Gunzburg factory is next door. OSI Group McDonalds labels all its boxes with details on when and where it was made. This allows the restaurants to keep track of the freshness of their burger stocks easily. Click here.


A Guide To OSI Industries

When it comes to the production of foods on a global level, few companies can outperform OSI Industries. On the other hand, OSI Industries is one of the most vital food providers on the planet today. Would you believe that this company has been around for over 100 years? Yes, this is absolutely correct as OSI first got its start back in 1909. The Chicagoland area was its main stomping ground back in the old days. Fortunately, OSI switched from being a small meat market into being a wholesaler of foods. This transition sparked tremendous amounts of growth in which the company had to change headquarters a few times.

As of 2019, OSI Industriesis headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but the company actually got its start in Oak Park, Illinois. The strength of this phenomenal organization is that it has evolved with the times. As the old saying goes, “if a shark stops swimming, then it will die.” This notion rings true on so many levels as OSI has adapted to meet the world’s demand for a wide variety of foods. Business acquisitions and joint ventures have been golden for this organization. Joint ventures has been a lifeline to some degree thanks to acquiring stake in food processing facilities, farms and warehouses.

This is certainly a full-time job that’s made of administrators, executives, forklift operators, general laborers, best food specialists and many other professionals. OSI Industries is no longer a standard supplier of food. More than 20,000 individuals earn a good living with this organization, and OSI is always on the lookout for ambitious-minded people. What more could anyone ever ask for from a global supplier of food? OSI Industries has basically raised the bar extremely high while changing the current status quo.

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Stream Energy and The Hope Supply Company: Bettering Communities

Stream Energy has been a major energy provider in the Texas area since 2005. Recent years have seen the company expand to several other states, and their service offerings have also grown to include telephone and home protection services, gas, and what they first made their name with, energy. By 2010 Stream had made its way into 7 states, and by 2015 it added mobile phones services to its repertoire. Due to the quick expansion Stream has experienced, it is safe to consider them to be a successful company, and after Hurrican Harvey struck the state of Texas, the company was able to offer some of the funds their success has earned them to those left homeless during the storms the hurricane caused.

An important aspect of what Stream does for their community has yet again expanded to include their philanthropic approach to their community. Though their actions following Hurricane Harvey distinguished the as being compassionate and ready to help, the company plans to move forward with the intent of doing the same for others. With the introduction of Stream Energy Cares, a program created to help those in need, Stream Energy reaffirmed their position in the areas that they serve and coming to be seen as trustworthy and an integral part of making their communities all over the nation better, safer places to live.

Stream Energy has been involved with The Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity for several years, having been involved with them in the past through projects they have shared. One of the biggest issues the company focuses on with these types of organizations are those left homeless in Texas and within other areas they service. Having such a strong desire to help those who find themselves in such a position, Stream introduces The Hope Supply Company, which provides basic necessities to those who may not have them without outside intervention. Stream and Hope Supply Co. are also passionately involved in making the lives of less fortunate children better through planning events and activities the children would not typically have a chance to experience.