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Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group… :

Sheldon Lavin is a name that you might have heard while reading business news. The OSI Group, which he oversees is another name you’ve probably seen toss around. Before it was called the OSI Group, it was a successful company called, “Otto & Sons.” That company started as a Chicago butcher shop and grew into the supplier of meat for McDonald’s when they began their initial mid-western expansion efforts. To this day, OSI still supplies meat to McDonald’s. Perhaps you’ve noticed that McDonald’s is a little more green these days? It’s all because of the influence of OSI.

Sheldon Lavin has striven to make his own company as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Clearly, the meat supplier of McDonald’s will have an influence on their efforts! The meat industry takes a lot of bad heat, but we’ve all got to eat right? Industrialized food, in general, takes a lot of bad heat. It’s a great big world full of great big countries that have to be supplied with meat. Since it’s a necessary part of the industry, His amazing works to break that stereotypical image of a meat supplier.

So what does Sheldon Lavin do to put his money where his mouth his? He simply invests in cutting edge technology and design. What happens is that the production process becomes much quicker, more efficient, and also it requires less space. Sheldon understands meat production can be tough on natural resources so he tries to make the whole process as efficient as possible. He and the OSI Group have won awards from within the industry as well. Sheldon’s is a renowned philosopher that really has a huge impact when applied. Sheldon Lavin and the OSI Group have worked hard to make sure that meat production is available, prosperous, and as eco-friendly as possible while it’s occurring. It’s a step in the right direction. It would be a world-wide revolution if the rest of the market followed suit.

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About Jin Oh

Jin Oh is a well-known name in the market. He is currently performing his amazing services as the President at World Wide Publishing of Riot Games. This is a well-known gaming platform which is located in the city of Los Angeles. Riot Games have brought the market, many popular games, which have provided well-liked and enjoyable experiences to gamers from all over the world.

Jin Oh is directly responsible for the smooth offering and the creation of these games. For this purpose, he needs to have a high level of creative thinking at all times, which can help him in facing difficult situations which may present themselves in his work field. This goes without saying that the nature of the job he has come with multiple tensions and complications.

However, Jin Oh faces them each day and he does this while wearing a smile on his face. This makes him well liked by many of its peers. His organization respects him for his high level of services and his track record is admired by all. He has said that he always had an avid interest in the business. This interest of his is highly conducive to his personal ventures.

The Growth of JHSF under Jose AuriemoNeto

Brazil has extended and advanced real estate business in the past few years. There is much happening around following the effect of leading real estate firms in the country. Real estate industry in Brazil is growing tremendously. Much has been done to impact the growth and development of the real estate industry. Some companies have shown incredible performance in the past few decades. JHSF is among the most prominent companies due to their exceptional performance. The company was established in 1972 as a construction firm and has grown exponentially to one of the most successful real estate business in Brazil.

As the leading real estate business, JHSF deals with the growth of properties in the main Brazilian cities. The company has been providing the very best services in the real estate industry since the new millennial era. It has enhanced commercial development property across Brazil. JHSF is renowned for the construction of the largest shopping mall in the country. Besides, JHSF work is seen in various cities such as Manaus, Salvador, and Sao Paulo. JHSF is well set and always ready to ensure that Brazil has international real estate properties. Jose AuriemoNeto is the man behind the transformation of this company.

After he took over from his father, Jose Auriemo introduced new and fresh concepts which have to shoot the company to the top rank of the Latin American real estate industry. Besides the great name in Brazil, JHSF has extended its boundaries. It has recently extended its services to the US and is currently constructing various properties. As the head of the company, Jose AuriemoNeto visited the United States to manage the projects under this company in Brazil. Under Jose AuriemoNeto governance, the company is becoming one of the most vital investments in the industry. The fact is that much has changed about how real estate industry projects are currently run. Jose AuriemoNeto is a visionary leader who has acknowledged sustainability to develop projects that meet the requirements of the industry. He is a striking figure, and his record in managing JHSF is unbeatable. His unmatched effort keeps on growing wth time.


Isabel Dos Santos Explains How Empowering Women Would Unleash Africa’s Potential

While Isabel dos Santos was born in Eastern Europe and spent her youth in the United Kingdom she is Angolan. After completing her studies at King’s College, London, she made her way back to Angola in order to establish her professional career. She has since become one of Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs, male or female. She has an estimated worth of $3.6 billion and has found success in multiple industries. Her greatest success was establishing and leading a telecommunications company, Unitel. This company provides communication services to people across Angola. She has also been in management positions in other industries such as finance, entertainment, construction, and energy.

Isabel dos Santos invests in companies in Angola and also in Portugal, the nation that historically had a huge impact on Angola. Isabel dos Santos has faced many challenges as a powerful woman working in Angola. While it’s true pretty much throughout the world, in Angola women have a really hard time when it comes to working for a living. Women are expected to stay at home, take care of kids and their husband, and otherwise be disengaged. Isabel dos says that women don’t have to stand for this treatment. This sexist attitude is also holding back not just Angola but all of Africa in what it could become. About half the population doesn’t get to contribute to growing the economy never mind creating new businesses.

She has long aimed to change this dynamic. She has spoken around the world about how to help Africa’s economies including before the United Nations and the European Parliament. She shares how women are the key to growing Africa’s agricultural industry and other opportunities. She tells women that they do have opportunities to create businesses and be self-reliant. Additionally, she says that technology and education can transform Africa into a prosperous continent. Investment in telecommunications would mean that far more people would have internet access. This would lead to the creation of new job and best business opportunities. Couple this with educating people about technology and you have a continent of mostly poor people that would finally have a way to thrive.

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Paul Mampilly on helping ordinary citizens invest

After graduating from Fordham University with an MBA, Paul Mampilly knew he had to put his financial knowledge to use. He joined Bankers trust where he became the assistant Portfolio manager. This position exposed him to a lot of expertise and experience on investing. Soon after he moved to Deutsche Bank and later on ING. Following his stellar performance in these two organizations, he was recruited by Kinetics Asset Management. Here he was in charge of the hedge fund division, which he was able to grow into a twenty-five billion dollar business in what was referred to as one of the World’s best returns.

Having solidified his position in Wall Street Paul Mampilly decided it was time he took a step back and spent more time with his family. At this time he was also determined to make money for ordinary people rather than continue making money for the ultra-rich who seemed to have all the best investing options. His skills as an investment analyst would be the tool he would use to achieve this dream. Paul Mampilly joined Baynan Hill publishing and started working on an investment newsletter. Since he released his first copy more than 90,000 people have subscribed to it. The newsletter offers a lot of insight into his investment strategy as well as detailing new investment opportunities each month.

Followers of his newsletter are familiar with his model portfolio, which is a combination of several stocks that Paul recommends and invests in. The newsletter Profits Unlimited are just one part of Paul Mampilly’s writing stint as he is also a weekly contributor on Winning Investor daily. As part of his financial life he also manages True momentum and Extreme Fortunes which are two well-performing trading services. One of the things that make Paul Mampilly such a shrewd investor is his incredible experience within Wall Street. Having risen from manning a trading desk to running a hedge fund, he has worked at almost every stage of the investment cycle. He understands what it entails managing a single account with little capital and growing it as well as managing accounts with billions of dollars.


Milwaukee Bucks Since Wes Edens & Marc Lasry

In 2014, the Milwaukee Bucks were in a rough spot. They had just finished a 15-67 season and were losing fans in the region. During this troubled time, two New York hedge fund managers stepped up, determined to put the Bucks back on track. These two men were Wes Edens and Marc Lasry. In April 2014, they bought the Milwaukee Bucks with the goal of creating ‘real change’ within five years. Right away, Edens and Lasry went to work. First, they worked on improving their staff. They wanted more people working, and people that were better suited for the job. They replaced General Manager John Hammond with Jon Horst. Under Horst, the Bucks hired Mike Budenholzer as the head coach.

With their staff in order, expert Wes Edens and Marc Lasry turned their attention to the citizens of Milwaukee. In order to get the locals reinvested in their basketball team, a new arena was built for the Bucks: the Fiserv Forum. Located in downtown Milwaukee, this new arena was a rousing success, increasing the average number of attending fans in its first operating year. The Milwaukee Bucks also needed roster improvements. After the 2015 season, when the team made it to the playoffs and lost in the first round, many of the players moved on. This left Wes Edens and Marc Lasry, assisted by GM Jon Horst, the job of rebuilding the team.

Together, these three managed to acquire MVP candidate Giannis Antetokounmpo and started to build a team around him. Antetokounmpo was joined by another MVP candidate, Khris Middleton, and a recently acquired forward, Nikola Mirotic. The hard work Edens and Lasry have put into the Bucks during the past five years has paid off. Although the team has not won a playoff game since took over, the Milwaukee Bucks went into the all-star break 43-14. They are currently the highest ranked team in the NBA and have a good shot at the championship this season. According to Wed Edens, “we want to win…championships and I think we have a chance to do it with this squad.”

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